How Scientology is losing control of Hollywood


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How Scientology is losing control of Hollywood.

Dazed: How Scientology is losing control of Hollywood

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For Theroux, exposing Scientology is too rich for TV and requires the big screen treatment. With My Scientology Movie, the prying reporter updates his usual format with an Act of Killing spin: unable to visit Scientology HQ, he hires a film crew and recreates the horrors that occur behind closed doors with assistance from Marty Rathbun, a one-time senior figure who left the Church in 2004.

Rathbun, who joined Scientology in the 70s, was promoted to Top Lieutenant (a LinkedIn-friendly description for Chief Bully) in 1987, which entailed, as he claims in Going Clear, tasks such as facilitating Tom Cruise’s breakup with Nicole Kidman. Unsurprisingly, throughout Theroux’s movie within a movie, your eyes are drawn towards Rathbun as he winces in the corner, reliving his old misdemeanours. When you die, your past flashes before your eyes. But Rathbun’s still appears to have a life of guilt to endure.

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