How to deprogram a scientologist.


OK, so I'm out to provide an alternative viewpoint on the topic of this thread for civil discussion and you "Thetaman" aim to somehow dominate me instead of discussing the matter? Really? How is that supposed to work ?

Also, I had already replied to you when you posted this bit of nastiness.

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Hobs, Thetaman is a Newbie. Please keep that in mind and lighten up.

(Thetaman, 'sokay. Sneaks isn't picking on you, he just talks that way to exscns sometimes.)


No, he's not banned.

He's just how he is, Pheno. :confused2: His bark...



Nah, I'm not known for patience. I knew Hobs IRL. He hasn't changed much.

The vid - Hobs' bark is worse than his bite. How he speaks/writes and how he is IRL are different. Hobs has a gentle nature and wouldn't hurt a fly but he can really rub a person the wrong way sometimes. He was a great nanny at CEO at one time. Those kids meant the world to him.

(sorry for derail. :carryon:)