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How to fill the SuperPower Building


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What an excellent article! Hopefully some Scientologist read it and start asking for accountability. I don't think DM would last long.


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TalleyWhacker, do you recall the target figure at that time?

I too was a hot prospect for SP and Charmaine Rodgers was on the phone to me every week, I remember the target going up every month or so. When I asked why I was told they needed to build a separate hall for events and then they needed an air conditioner building, I think I remember the first target being $60 mill, could that be the number you heard?

Also, what would be a fair cost to build that building?

I'm sure that what they spent to build it could be retrieved through "Freedom of Information" legislation if any one is up for it.

Wish I did but I don't remember the exact target amount. I do remember thinking of very posh new office buildings that some of my peers had built at the time that were around $150 psf in 1994 dollars. Nice stuff, but granted, no FF&E.
I do remember the amount thrown out was about $100 psf over what I'd seen 5 star resorts built for.
I wish I could be more specific but there seemed to be no reason at the time to remember something was over the top like that.
BS is BS...one has enough to remember in life without including that.


At that time, Scientology was in a major slump. Stats had been declining since 1991. Orgs were shrinking. We were thanked for our analysis, and it was promptly buried. No one wanted to face the truth: filling the Superpower building was an impossibility, if one really looked at raw figures.


See! I warned 'em! I left in 1991 and was Declared, and from that time forward, their stats were in decline. Finally, facts to back up my claims that it was me holding the whole thing together in the first place.

Terril park

What does Tommy Davis mean about "as soon as we get the go-ahead from the city, we'll begin." Would you wait until after you've spent 40 million on the project before getting an approval from the city?

I heard that they have to pay the city $240 per week because they havn't finished it.


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The announcement (in the 80-page Freedom Magazine footbullet) that interior construction was underway for the Superpower building reminded me of a marketing research project we did regarding the Superpower building. As many people know, I was part of the Central Marketing Unit (CMU) at the Int Base for 15 years.

In 1998, construction had started on the Superpower building. We were asked, in Marketing, to do a research project to work out what it would take to fill that building with students and pcs.

The building, of course, is huge. Wikipedia cites the square footage at 170,000. The Church, in the recent Freedom Magazine, claims 377,000 square feet. From my own observation, it’s closer to the Wikipedia figure, but we know how the Church inflates any statistic, even square footage. According to the Freedom Magazine, there will be 22 course rooms seating 1,800 students, and 300 auditing rooms serving 1,200 preclears at any time.

So what would it take to fill this building? [...]

What would it take to fill the building? I have the answer in one word: Bingo!

It would take a fleet of busses bringing people in, but yes, I think it can be done.

Once the Bingo! gets rolling, auditing rooms can be converted to card rooms for invitation-only games.

Meanwhile, application for a gaming license given special attention. LRH was blood brother to the Blackfoot. That should be used to full advantage.


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LRH was blood brother to the Blackfoot.

Has this been confirmed with anyone (other than LRH)?? Or just another piece of BS? Even if it were true, the Blackfoot Indians would probably deny it at this point if they could.


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Has this been confirmed with anyone (other than LRH)?? Or just another piece of BS? Even if it were true, the Blackfoot Indians would probably deny it at this point if they could.

Never confirmed that I know of. Doesn't matter. Let's get that gaming license approved! :lol:

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I remember a similar thing happening with DM when there was first talk about buying a ship.

I had a good friend in FCB (Flag Command Bureau) Marketing. This was prior to all the Marketing people going uplines.

She supplied information on "bridge flow" to DM. Same idea as what Fishdaddy talked about here. To have X number of people to go to the ship to do OT VIII, you would have to have so many OT VIIs. To have so many OT VIIs, you would have to make so many OT Vs. And so on.

She presented the actual information to him about how many people had completed these and lower levels at that point.

I guess he didn't like what he was told, because he blew up at her.

They bought the ship anyway. Of course the "plan" was to "rocket the stats" and "flow thousands of people up the Bridge" to fill the Freewinds.

Don't think it quite worked out that way.... :eyeroll:


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]Originally Posted by Ted[/U]
LRH was blood brother to the Blackfoot.[/QUOTE]

Has this been confirmed with anyone (other than LRH)?? Or just another piece of BS? Even if it were true, the Blackfoot Indians would probably deny it at this point if they could.

That was a transcriptionist error. Original source material reads:

"LRH was blood brother to the black (ops) foot bullet."