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How to get money back?


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My friend needs to get her money back. It is about $15,000. It is on account for TWO METERS (she hasn't even done her grades!!!) and some training but it is untouched.

She does not have the meters in hand.

Anyway she wants out and wants to get the money back but she has low confront on these people ( I do understand -- no one wants to be handled )and is afraid to go there to get it. Also she is easily persuaded and does not want to take the chance.

Can she do anything by mail or in some way where she does not have to talk to any one or get a handling? Any suggestions on what she should do?

And I do not want to go with her becasue I am still lying low as far as being out.

In case you are wondering ....No I am not really talking about "me"

Kathy (ImOut)

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There's an entire thread with the letter I and several others have used. The letter has recovered more than $400K in repayments.


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Check out the threads under my signature. They contain a version of ImOut's letter, too. I did not step foot into any Org nor did I have to even talk to anyone (although I did call my local Org for the status it was unnecessary). All done via mail.