How to Rehab a Scientologist's Doubt CONTEST - winner gets $100 or more.


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"Scientology - the precise science of getting rich buying real estate using other people's money"
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This is actually kind of an interesting exercise. Here's a few that come to mind. Not looking for the 100 bucks though, I get plenty of money from SMERSH to suppress Scientology so this is pro bono.

If you're OT why can't you levitate ashtrays for real?

If Scientology works why are all the "ideal" orgs empty?

Why was Ron's music so horrible?

Why didn't Ron brush his teeth?

Why are OTs rarely leaders in their fields?

Why don't OTs use whole-track "data" to advance earth technology? (This one used to really bug me when I was still in - especially as regards energy production)