How you can help Me get onto OT VII and through my Class VIII


Squirrel Extraordinaire
Well, good luck to you Jase. ESMB is about the only moderated message board I know of that allows both you and rabid anti-Scn and/or -CofS critics to both post freely, although not without some hostility (mostly on the critics' part). It's a good test of your TRs. :)

I hope you also wear the double-agent hat for us and keep us informed of anything going on inside at the public level that we might be interested in.

Good people

The staff are amazing people, who truly want to help the public attain their goals. They have time to chat if you have any issues, and to be honest I've never seen or experienced sone of the things that have been mentioned on here. Like all night regging. Or keeping you after an event until you contribute.
The people I deal with are good hearted people who wanna help. They're overworked, underpaid, even underappreciated. But still good people.

Quite true. They are good people who want to help. Very good people who care so much that they want to save the world, you included.

However, if you have not experienced the all night regging, or keeping you after an event until you contribute, is because you must not have a lot of money. If the IAS knew you had money and wanted to also help save the world, they would be after you like a pack of wolves.:angry: