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Hubbard, 43 years ago: World is bad, oh and btw, I'm suing your ass


Patron with Honors
Mr Ron Hubbard (57), American founder of the Scientology movement, sent a Telex message to the cult's world headquarters in East Grinstead, Sussex, yesterday saying: "I finished my work. Now it is up to others."

This was stated by Mrs David Gaiman, wife of the movement's chief spokesman. She said the message — which did not mention the current controversy over the cult — gave no clue to Mr Hubbard's whereabouts.

It read: "I retired from Scientology directorships over two years ago and have been exploring since. I gave Scientology to the world with hopes of good usage. If it is a decent world, it will use it well. If it is a bad world, it won't. I finished my work. Now it is up to others. — Love, Ron."


Mr Hubbard, a former science-fiction writer, was last week believed to be "somewhere at sea" on his 3300-ton vessel, the Royal Scotsman.

The Church of Scientology of California has issued writs claiming damages for libel in four British newspapers. The writs also seek injunctions restraining publication of the "said or any similar libels."

The newspapers concerned are the "News of the World," "Sunday Express," "Sunday Mirror," and "Daily Express."

[Ref.: 'Finished my work,' says Scientology founder | The Scotsman (UK) | 2 August 1968]

Since the Church of Scientology turned out to be an abusive and criminally convicted cult over the decades, and since L. Ron Hubbard's teachings can't be wrong, then that leaves only one option: As per L. Ron's, the world is "bad" ("If it is a decent world, it will use [Scientology] well. If it is a bad world, it won't.")