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Hubbard promotes Scientology using 3 bogus qualifications


Rest in Peace
L. Ron Hubbard bought a bogus PhD from Sequoia University to help boost his status. You can read about it here:

Read how Hubbard, a third-rate sci-fi hack, put his fake PhD next to his name as well as C.E. (not true) and "nuclear physicist" (not true) in order to promote his pseudo-scientific claptrap he called "Scientology". Would you trust this man's claims about the effectiveness of Scientology and validity knowing he used three faked qualifications to promote it?

"For hundreds of years physical scientists have been seeking to apply the exact knowledge they had gained of the physical universe to Man and his problems.

"Newton, Sir James Jeans, Einstein, have all sought to find the exact laws of human behavior in order to help Mankind.

"Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, C.E., Ph.D., a nuclear physicist, Scientology has demonstrably achieved this long-sought goal. Doctor Hubbard, educated in advanced physics and higher mathematics and also a student of Sigmund Freud and others, began his present researches thirty years ago at George Washington University."