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I think that this debate had reached the stage where both sides begun repeating their old arguments without introducing new data; therefore, it is time to end it.

I did not start the debate because I wanted to impose my views on the ex-Scientologists -- they already left the cult, it does not matter whether they think that Hubbard was a conman or a madman -- the result is the same, which is departure from the cult.

I do not have ill will towards my opponents; on the contrary, I am very glad that they no longer believe in Hubbard's Tech, at least majority of them.

I started this thread for the sake of active Scientologists who are in the process of evaluating Scientology and deciding whether they should stay in the cult or leave it. I am sure that a lot of them are visiting this website as the guests.

These active Scientologists see plenty of posts whose authors believe that Hubbard was a clever conman. Some of them are influenced by these posts, but the others are not. Those Scientologists who think that Hubbard was not a conman are my target. I presented an alternative view to them, which may be enough to convince them to leave the cult.

For these Scientologists everything depends on the strength of my argument -- if my presentation makes sense to them, they will leave Scientology behind.