Hubbard view on South Africa


Patron with Honors
We recently stumbled across the following and thought you might enjoy.

This is a lecture by Hubbard on South Africa, part of the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress December 31st 1960 - January 1, 1961. It's his opinion on apartheid and the black man after being led around by the nose by the government. It has been cleansed out of most current recollections of the events. Wonder why? With good reason...

His conclusions in pertinent part:

1. The apartheid government was getting a bad rap from bad PR; they were wonderful and caring of their black people(perhaps too much so).

2. Black people wouldn't know what to do with a vote if they had it.

3. People were not being treated badly or oppressed.

4. It would take fifty years in order to bring the Bantu up to the level of the civilization of the American black man.

5. Civilization in Africa came to blacks through the white man.

6. Bantus can't be e metered normally like white people.

7. SA was being criticized only because the Communists were trying to undermine this pearl of a government.

etc. etc.

It is a festival of prejudice and his own ignorance as to the true political situation.

The whole tape, around twenty minutes:

A shorter fun mock up of the highlights:

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The Clam

Patron with Honors
1. Most people don't complain about apartheid in Israel.Even though it is much worst then South Africa.Who knows what aspect of apartheid LRH viewed.
2. The black culture of south africa was pretty much tribal and as a culture they didn't vote. Look at the state of affairs of SA and Zimbabwe. Its a mess the
Zimbabwe government has destroyed the country. In SA the unemployment is over 40%/ the crime rate is off the hook. The poverty rate amongst blacks of SA has not changes much since the abolishing of apartheid.
3. Compared to SO members probably the same.
4. When a culture has existed for many tens of thousand of years you can't change it overnight it would take some times
5. When the Europeans settled SA in 1688 the Bantus and Zulus were very tribal and live a primitive life style.
6. The only difference is that Bantu would get a rise on a with hold questions
7. The government of SA and Rhodesia have been supplanted by local rule. Nothing has change for the better. The economy is in the shitter.The living standards have declined even from apartheid standards.
My belief is that anytime a gov suppresses human rights of its citizen for any reason its against the laws of god and should be fought against and abolished but to cull a few sentences with out and say that this was LRH total viewpoint on the subject is juvenile. People are complex and are not cereal boxes. It seems this cultures loves to inculcate us into hanging are hat on a few phases and morph others into cliches.


Patron with Honors
My dear Clam:

Let me ask you. Hubbard claims on this tape that he has made a study of the Bantu and his nervous system is different from a white man's.

Direct quote in context of describing the difference of the Bantu.

Would you like to try to reason that away too?

BTW did you actually listen to the whole tape to see just how in context everything I said about him was? Doesn't seem so.