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Hubbard's gifts for christmas (staff)


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Lrh was truly generous for staff who work for pennies a week!

1) there was only very few CSW approved for spending Christmas eve or day with our family.
Per LRH HCOPL there would be production and one would be responsible for stat crashing in his area
So it was mandatory the staff would be on post in an empty org -
leaving their children alone for Christmas)

(In my area, most staff and public were christians - their children too.)

2) LRH was so generous and kind to us - he never forgot his devoted staff
He took all da money he saved over the years to sent gifts to staff all over the planet

3) We used to received 2-3 6pack of beer and potato chips -
but it was given only to staff on post at Christmas eve (at our org)
There would not have enough money to provide beer or wine for every staff.
I wonder if the money was taken form the org account???

Anyway, We were deeply touched for so much generosity - our guru did not forget us , while being so sad to not be given a day or night off.

Merry Christmas from LRH to staff on post



While LRH was counting his millions aside - hidden in offshore tax shelters, celebrating with his family, children and favorite CMO int and entourage - all over the planet, many sea org were eating rice and beans, had no day off for Christmas and were not allow to visit their family. Many Org staff had no day off for family celebration with children neither money to buy good food and gifts for children.

But apparently Uncle Ron spent wonderfull Christmas time with his wife, children ad relatives. Probably with his CMO entourage too.


The poorest people (having a job) I have known in my life were many $cientology staff :unsure:
Many did not eat 2 meals a day but only few peanut butter sandwiches with coffee and cigarettes.
They were the most dedicated people and they truly believe they should save the planet to ensure a futur to their children.
We thought Uncle Ron really did care...

Each Christmas I have thoughts coming back in my mind about Christmas in orgs as it was a pity - especially for children.
Today, I feel so blessed to be free (not completely in my mind) of this dark world. I can have time to share joy, hapiness with dear ones, blessed to be surrounded by loving, kind and caring people. Life is generous to me.

What did The great humanitarian so generous savior gave to your org staff for Christmas ?????
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^^ How to run your pseudoreligion into the ground, by L. Ron Fatfuck. (And then, a few years later, you can claim that only you possess the secret tech to manage organizations successfully. Oh, brother, that's dumb!)

But hey - don't forget... nobody can have any time off at Christmas. Despite the fact that it's a time when 'wogs' aren't going to come into your UFO cult, or even pass by on the street, because they have better things to do. They're at home with their families.

Merry Christmas everybody, and may 2014 continue to deliver as much joy as the failure of Hubbardism did this year.


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We never worked on Christmas day on staff. But the orders were always that the Org had to be open. Every year some Jewish people in the field volunteered to be there - one lady in particular who did it regularly.

This was much broader than just the Org in fact. In Cape Town for as long as I can remember Jewish volunteer organizations would man the posts at hospitals and fire stations every Christmas so that Christians could have the day off. It was all greatly appreciated by many many people.

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I worked in the Sea Org from August 1972 for 10 years. We always had enough beer and good food etc. at xemumas.


I worked in the Sea Org from August 1972 for 10 years. We always had enough beer and good food etc. at xemumas.

as ol'e fatso said,

there is freedom amongst barriers. LOL

And the barriers were imposed by fatso. LOL

Fish in a pond afraid of shadows. :laugh:

Pavlou's dog's, here a bone, enjoy it for your short freedom. For there are more rewards up the road in time, across a bridge, to freedom. But you must work. LOL