Huffington Post: It's Time to End the Church of Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status

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Huffington Post: It's Time to End the Church of Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status, by Steven Hassan

For more than 25 years, the IRS denied tax-exemption to the Church of Scientology. The long-running policy flowed from an IRS determination in 1967 that Scientology was in fact a commercial entity operated solely for the benefit of founder L. Ron Hubbard.

In 1993, seven years after Hubbard's death, the IRS made a puzzling and highly suspicious reversal. It settled its tax bill with Scientology for just $12.5 million and conferred on it the title of tax-exempt "religion." Both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times later broke important ground with respective reports on the secret meetings that led to the agreement, and details of Scientology's harassment of IRS officials.
WWP Thread: "It's Time to End the Church of Scientology's Tax Exempt Status" Huffington Post

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Scientology's Achilles' Heel


This is the one sure way to rid the world of the $cientology crime syndicate, with the side-effect of sending (*) (that is, the quarterling David Miscavige) into rabid, foaming paroxysms of apoplectic, carpet-biting rage.

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Good article and right line of address, Steve Hassan has certainly been on the receipt end of the church's fair gaming activities.

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Yes, good article and enough public pressure and attention on the CoS is a sure way to having this corporation properly investigated by government officials. :thumbsup:

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I am doubtful the exempt status will ever be revoked, but if the active membership is down to under 5000 worldwide and most of the buildings have for sale signs on them, that would be nice.