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Well I'm so glad to find you free thinking/speaking beings and Mick thanks for speaking the truth. The CoS inhumane treatment of others is a sure sign of that the real SP is there. Now we all need to keep speaking the truth about it. According to LRH a child deserves love. The dynamics can only progress in alignment, so a blocked second dynamic means the others (dynamics)will be pulled down to that degree. It would be cosidered an overt to walk away from family responsibilities, yet its a common practice. It is a way that ultimately the church will fail. We must keep exposing the abuse. In the meantime decorate your own soul and be with others who love you, we all need love.
My son was ripped away from me at 15 into staff. Now I worry for him he will be blinded to whats really going on. He will not be able to see both sides only the cos views.:coolwink:

Oh and after I cog'd on pts/sp crse that the real SP on my case was the church/David Miscaviage I have been doing great!!!
All the years of not being able to De-PTS my life are now over!!!
The real why found!!!
I literally did the course with the church in mind from a botched bridge cycle through ASHO and AOLA. Then, when I listened to Jason Beghe's video, I went DITTO!!!!! Go Jason!!!
Also I want to publicly commend Jenna for her honesty on the television. The truth will blow away the lies!!
Love you guys
Free to be me
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Good job finding your item.

Isn't it amazing that if you really duplicate the materials in most courses, the result is usually no more courses in the Church of Scientology? :coolwink: