I am a feral OT, I am Anon

My name is Messiah Hunter. I have dedicated years of my life to the study of religion, linguistics, and philosophy. I was fascinated by LRH's approach at bridging the long-standing gaps between the methods of the Old Religions until I realized by about the Table of Contents in "L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile" that this man is performing a dazzling public relations coup.

There is a reason why the first page in that book is a translucent wax paper image of a typewriter. He was a linguistics genius, but anyone that understood what he saw could see right through it. He fancied himself to be a polymath, but he simply was not. He could only project the image that we was which is powerful on the weak, and useless on the confident.

I was one of the first Anon to contact Emma via e-mail. Anon would call me a namefag for that, and I agree. But Anon is Anon. We operate independently, even in contradiction to one another. Anon is full of liberals and democrats, black panthers and skinheads, theists and atheists. We are a perfect anarchy. We are the independent nation-states of Greece that bickers incessantly about each other, but unifies to push back the Persian invaders. My strength is not in technological exploits, but in hacking linguistic systems.

In the projects, we say the loudest nigga in the group is the weakest.

Anon is not your personal army, but we fight using the tools and resources that you've provided us. Anon knows that Scientology is a threat to the Internet. Anon knows we can take them on. Anon knows that when we beat this cult, it will set an example to anyone else that attempts to take away our most absolutely cherished tenants of free speech.

You are all susceptible to linguistics traps. That is why you are here to begin with.

Therefore, I unleash to you on to the idea of General Semantics. It is the core of LRH's entire mindset. It is the most valuable tool you have in defeating the corruption of Scientology. Learn it, deploy it, and convert others. You know their lingo. You know the linguistic systems of Scientology. Anon does not. Do not sit on the side lines anymore and wait for your hero. Many of you are older and have more to loose then us young bucks. I suggest you learn Anon defensive tactics and learn how to make yourself anonymous. They cannot hunt what they cannot find.

I am Messiah Hunter. I am Anon. You are Anon. You are free. This is the greatest weapon you can use against them.




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If you are...

The entire premise of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs, or MMOs for short) is to create an environment where the customer is continually given the sensation of progression and self-improvement. This feeling taps into our hardwired behavioral traits. This human then assumes the presence of a reliable and balanced reciprocal exchange of resources: 'If I do X, then I get Y. I believe Y allows me to become better because it makes me feel better. Therefore, I should always do X if I want Y'.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the regulators and administrators of the MMO. They understand that human beings possess this assumptive reflex. For an MMO to successfully capitalize off of this reflex, an environment of reciprocal exchange must exist to continue the idea that reciprocal exchange exists.

If you are a young person, then you are wise beyond your years.

I started a study of general semantics just after getting out of Hubbard's enslavement, and the study goes on. I hope to contribute in a more constructive way as time goes on, in the meanwhile, you and the anarchy have my appreciation, you have my admiration and you have given me, and others, a sense of hope, a sense of something good, a sense of empowerment against this corporate monstrosity Hubbard created.

We are legion, are we not?


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Yes, I am impressed by your Blogs MessiahHunter!

You are quite correct in your analysis of Scientology.

The apparent progression with it's esoteric labels and terminology is more significant than any actual progression achieved in Scn.

The feeling of this progression or self-improvement is caused by the terminology used and actually becomes the progression itslef in the Scientologist's view.

Hubbard studied or credited General Semantics and understood magic and hypnosis. He created a powerful mix.

As well as the obvious example of suggested progression that is called the Grade Chart, you could analyse the auditing itself.

Take Grade zero for example. The PC having been mentally primed to make gains is audited on a long sequence of commands concerning communication. Each command is run to the point where the person believes they have gained something and the auditor tells them that they have in fact made an improvement ("your needle's floating")

This sequence of acknowledged apparent progressions is made until, hardly coincidentally, the PC believes they are now completey free on the subject of communication and they attest to communication release and are validated for their progression.

The terminology, and very words used are all designed to create this feeling of progress. I believe Hubbard knew that this is what he was doing.

Colleen K. Peltomaa

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Yes, CofS is a big threat to the internet, especially if they ally themselves with larger and more powerful groups who also wish to limit the free interaction on the internet.

Colleen K. Peltomaa

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From Messiah Hunter's blog: "In a world that dogmatically forces you to be an extremist individual, the only way to rebel is by becoming no one. And that is how Anon flourishes."

This appeals in some way because my goal is a higher harmonic of that thought. One of my shock moments in scientology was when Hubbard loudly exclaimed, "what are you doing with a [identifiable] body anyway!?!"

Stable exteriorization was to get us off the game board as pawns. Ultimately enlightenment, or whatever one desires to call it, brings you to a point where you can create your own games, change the rules, etc.