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I am a Scientologist...

We all know that anyone who takes a course or buys an LRH book is one. In the Internet age, anyone who gets an Email intended for Scientologists is obviously one as well, here's mine from anonymous coward [email protected]:

Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have now built a record of abusing
their own followers. Reports are now coming in

regarding dissatisfied clients that are outraged about Rathbun’s
off-beat practices. The information is coming in in

volume and it will get posted as it gets processed.

Both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder never, in all their years in
Scientology, cracked their own glibness, learned to

duplicate, and thus apply. We see the results of this in their
trail of overt products (and no products) in their wake,

both on and off staff.

People are starting to smell a rat and are jumping ship because
they know Rathbun is a fake. Once they get on the cans

they get to know what’s it like to be audited by a squirrel.

Rathbun’s and Rinder’s Present and Future

Overts of the quantity and magnitude they have been involved in
require some BIG justifications, and LOTS of them.

And this is where Rathbun and Rinder are trapped. They are caught
in the dwindling spiral and seem helpless to fight it

even if they wanted to.

LRH describes it well:

“When a person has committed an overt act and then withholds it, he
or she usually employs the social mechanism of


We have all heard people attempt to justify their actions and all
of us have known instinctively that justification was

tantamount to a confession of guilt. But not until now have we
understood the exact mechanism behind justification.

Short of Scientology auditing there was no means by which a person
could relieve himself of consciousness of having

done an overt act except to try to lessen the overt.”

. . .

“Man is good to such an extent that when he realizes he is being
very dangerous and in error he seeks to minimize his

power and if that doesn’t work and he still finds himself
committing overt acts he then seeks to dispose of himself

either by leaving or by getting caught and executed…. Well, if this
is true then why does he not unburden himself? The

fact is this: unburdening is considered by him to be an overt act.
People withhold overt acts because they conceive

that telling them would be another overt act. It is as though
thetans were trying to absorb and hold out of sight all

the evil of the world.”

. . .

“In view of these mechanisms, when the burden became too great, Man
was driven to another mechanism – the effort to

lessen the size and pressure of the overt. He or she could only do
this by attempting to reduce the size and repute of

the terminal. Hence not-isness. Hence when a man or a woman has
done an overt act there usually follows an effort to

reduce the goodness or importance of the target of the overt.
aHence the husband who betrays his wife must then state

that the wife was no good in some way. Thus the wife who betrayed
her husband had to reduce the husband to reduce the

overt. This works on all dynamics. In this light most criticism is
justification of having done an overt.”

. . .

“Here we have the source of the dwindling spiral. One commits overt
acts unwittingly. He seeks to justify them by

finding fault or displacing blame. This leads him into further
overts against the same terminals which leads to a

degradation of himself and sometimes those terminals.”

LRH – Justification 21 January 60

It’s just a nightmare for Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder that never
ends, and never will – until they come clean.

Stay tuned for the upcoming information being provided by defected

Ok, it's a trailer for the Dead Agent Independents website. I could joke and degrade at it for bad formatting, poor grammar, truth by association quote from LRH and general dumbness, but why am I getting this? Has OSA no filter on its communications that stop them going out to totally inappropriate people?


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Has OSA no filter on its communications that stop them going out to totally inappropriate people?

Maybe that's the idea!

I got some hushmail crap about Rathbun a few months back, but none since, and I didn't get a copy of what you just posted, Hartley.



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You know, this reminds me that for *years* OSA has been suggesting that people on the RFW website were OSA Plants. Naturally this was a pretty transparent attempt to DA the DA'ed, since it wasn't unusual for people to see a listing there as an 'extremist' as a credential.

I suspect that in the past year or so they've had a lightbulb go off and decided it would be very *clever* to do exactly that, although, they do seem to be compartmentalizing people to keep the sheep from the goats, so to speak...

On another note though; hopefully Emma has a copy of her original RFW page, with the 'hacker' accusations and forged logs. You know, the one they removed last summer when the Ozzie Charity commission stuff was in full swing. At the time it wasn't entirely clear why they'd removed her, but, since their baseless accusations with the cops, well, it makes more sense.