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I'm in L.A. on Fountain Avenue. Sea Org members who live in the Anthony Building (AB) have to walk by there on their way to and from the org. I'm on the same side of the street as the org and the AB, but sometimes they used to cross the street to avoid passing by the window. Lately though, they've been doing the opposite. I saw one S.O. member cross in the middle of the block toward my side of the street. She looked like she was trying to make note of the phone number while pretending she wasn't looking in the window.

:hysterical: That one makes the Stupid Thread! :hysterical:

Your Signage = Awesome!

Your Pwnage = Super-awesome!



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Re: New Signs

I've had new signs in my shop window for a few days now, along with the Halloween decorations. Here they are:






Girl............they F***d with the wrong person this time!! :omg: :hysterical::hysterical::roflmao: :woohoo: :thumbsup::clap:

Great job~~truly fantastic! :)

Thanks for sharing them, too. Keep us informed of any reactions to them, too, please.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen to ALL :guyfawkes::sparky::flasher::wiggle::geekon:



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Love those signs.

When I was a kid growing up around the corner from the Complex on 1234 Edgemont, I got my haircut a time or two at Shear Perfection.
My sister got her hair cut there all the time.

I used to play arcade games at the store a few door down, get the awesome chicken at LEK across the street and even worked at a roofing company across the way as well.

Next time I am in LA, I promise to come by and get a cut.

One question though, I was Sea Org for 15 years, so do I still qualify for the free roll offer?


Marc, I just love you. I think you're an amazing man, and I appreciate your courage whenever I hear you speak out.

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That toilet paper statement is really going to jar some of them into thinking! :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for doing all you do. It really makes a difference and you show others here how easy it is to help expose this cult in their environment. Doing what you can from where you are.

With much admiration and respect,


It's simple, but not easy. Not really. It took me years to work up to this -- starting from being scared to look on the internet. :omg:


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Wasn't that the Thai/Vietnamise restaurant?

They had the BEST chicken noodle soup. There's a name for it; I think it's a staple in Vietnam? Thailand? Filled with these skinny noodles and some kind of hot spice. Nothing worked like it if you had a cold. It would penetrate your sinuses and make you feel so much better overall.

I loved that place.

It was Thai. I loved their their fried noodles.

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Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
I dropped my shadow name and came out. Feels great.

When I come to LA to visit family I will call for an appointment...

YOU GO GIRLFRIEND - in their face loud and proud.

:happydance: :yes: :eyeroll: :happydance:


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I've been spreading it all around like wildfire, sweetheart.... even on the Facebook pages of multiple LA-area Scilon publics. :biggrin:

Thanks, Smurf. This story featuring Lynn is so important.
She is one of my favorite exes and protesters. So gentle and effective as a protester. Whenever I see new videos of you, Lynn, Tory, Casper, et al all together, in small pairs or separately protesting on L Ron Hubbard Way I think " This is the death of PAC. This is how it gets done. This is effective. This is how the message gets out there to those unreachable otherwise. :thumbsup:

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We had 2 threads (the first one started by Smurf) on it that were merged. I loved the article, it's photos and your style of "protesting" that you did for the article. I wish I lived close enough to your shop to have you cut my hair every month.

I wish you did too. I'd love to do it.