"I Had My Personality Tested by Scientologists" -Vice Magazine/Motherboard


Thought Criminal

"A well-dressed man with glasses in a suit. Tom Cruise. Kidnapping. These are the images I associate with Scientology. So when I meet Cornelius, I’m surprised that I am staring at a overweight man who just removed his white fedora, looking more like a software engineer than my notion of a Scientologist.

I’m here because I’ve set up an appointment to have my personality tested. Self-improvement has always been an interest of mine. I don’t care if it’s a life hack or a pro tip, I’m always looking at ways to better myself and my situation. So when I received a flyer that promised the opportunity to “test the 10 key personality traits that determine your future success and happiness," I was interested. After months of delay, I made an appointment to take a personality test at a Scientology testing center. " ( continued at link )