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I hate when they call me a hater...


Gotta agree with ya here and just because he can say that you "hate" something doesn't mean you're consumed with hate. When I think about it, what a stupid statement it is for Marty to say, "That guy is a hater" as it's not as if Marty is sitting in a temple with a halo over his head meditating on how to peacefully get Miscavige to come to his senses. :coolwink:

You are so very right. :thumbsup:

Marty does exactly what he was trained to do in the Church of Scientololgy:

To use the idea of hate as a convenient label to place on others in an attempt to "dead agent", minimize or silence the opposing view.

More on that here:




It is a ploy, part of his bag of tricks learned working closely with OSA. He studied and applied a great deal of Hubbard's "intelligence tech" (like CIA or NSA "intelligence") back then, and whether intentionally or not, he is still doing it.

It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. WOOF!:omg:


Sharone Stainforth

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I actually love it when I get called a 'hater of scientology' and it is true.

What is true for you is what you have observed to be true for you.

What I have observed to be true is a lot of criminality in scientology spanning decades.