I heard a rumour.....


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I hope them rumor is true! :). I usually don't participate much, but I read here often.
Since I don't have preconceptions of ex scientologists, I have peeked at the blogs and forums I've learned about, read many threads on FB pages.
Each blog, forum, each FB group, all have their own character. I've been touched by the stories of escape, growth, and the journeys toward healing.
Karen de la C. posts obituaries of exes and those still-in. Her tributes to their life has brought me to tears. One new group posts info re: businesses owned by Co$, and by Scientologists. Not to persuade either way, just to inform.
I wondered after Leah and Mike announced there would not be a new season of Aftermath, what direction the FB pages, etc would take. I feel the Supporters group doesn't have the focus it did when it started. Fans of, imo, is better moderated, but there are so many stories that haven't been told. A new forum would be great. To read and learn from. :D


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That was amazing, and the little girl has a better voice than Sarah Brightman. Incredible.
Yep. Jackie Evancho was quite the phenomenon around 2010 or so. I saw her in concert here in Dallas and was blown away.


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Actually you remind me a lot of my sister in that photo'. Here we are freezin' our bollocks off up a mountain somewhere in Canada 300 years ago.

You were certainly a handsome pair if you don't mind me saying so.