I just discovered ESMB!


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What a wonderful name. Glad you made it here. I am sure you will like it here, and tell us your story when you are ready.

Love and Respect



Hello all!

I am an Ex-Scientologist who used to post on the Operation Clambake message board about 6 years ago. I hadn't been visiting or posting for some years, but recently I wanted to revisit, and I tried to register again. Looks like that is no longer possible, but I wanted to get back into the critical scene again, so I followed a link to this site, which seems wonderfully active!:)

I was in Scientology from about 1972 to 1980; I was on staff at the Denver Org in 1978. I was very young and tender when I was indoctrinated....but having the opportunity to talk with other "Ex's" has been a truly wonderous thing indeed.

Don't know if any of the people I knew and loved on the OCMB are here (where I used the same poster name), but if so, HI GUYS!!!! I am looking forward to some great discussions with all the fine folks on this site. But bear with me if I'm a little techno-challenged at doing these postings, cuz I'm just needing to familiarize myself with what buttons to click on to go here and there.

Keep fighting the good fight!

WELCOME, long time lurker! Great to have you join us!



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Hi Rose,

Welcome. We rock and roll here 24x7.

I was in from '78 - '80.

Glad you are aboard!

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Welcome! Still a bit of a newbie myself. I'm sure you'll find your way around:happydance: I was active 1966 until 1973. Missed the camaraderie and found it here on ESMB. What luck! Have fun, purple