I think I've heard this before but, I could be wrong.


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You reject eyewitness reports by several people and want to see undoctored photographs of Miscavige holding on for dear life, perhaps also a sworn declaration by Miscavige himself?



Okay, I found the DOX.....

Just moments before this photo was taken, COB was severely enturbulated while personally training the Church
of Scientology President, Heber Jentzch--who attempted to break free of his leash after refusing to eat dog food out of his
assigned bowl. COB began to violently kick Heber while screaming: "I'll kill you, you cocksucking dog!"
However, moments later, COB held onto the Copper Rods and suddenly felt keyed out and theta again. So much theta
was released upon grasping the grounded copper rods that Heber wrote a success story about the quality of food at Int.



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Sounds like the typist, "superlatively" believes that DIAnetics is good literature:

"..probably contains more promises and less evidence per page than has any publication since the invention of printing. " from a Review of Dianetics by Nobel Winning Physcist


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That's quite a visual, yet no photos of that, using table-tech too!

I guess computers would be useless for organizing/cataloging a monumental pile of crap like that? Everything that fraud wrote could fit on a $5 flash drive, with easy search and indexing to find what you need ...snip

YES! It could all fit on a $5 flash drive (or a freebie you for you folks that attend trade shows).

The focus of the COS is on impressing you with ANYTHING so you'll do more services.

The more that the COS can maintain a WOW component, the easier their job is. And it doesn't seem to matter what the WOW is.

One of the first things I noticed about myself after leaving was how unimpressed I was with Scientology boasts:

"He was audited by LRH", "She's an OTVII", "That's the CO blah, blah, blah.", So much meaningless fluff having NOTHING to do with leading a better life.


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Yep, it's actually a Hubbardian thing from way back when. Ron's advice was that "over-restimulated/over-charged cases" needed to grab onto the nearest water pipe and let the charge bleed off. I forget where he said it but he definitely did.

PS: Over-restimulated and/or over-charged pretty much describes every scientologist in the world but probably none more-so than Wee Davey. :biggrin:

I can see the reges at FLAG selling the privilege to hold onto copper pipes for $800 an hour.

Start of Session

Let's go over to the bathroom sink.

Grab hold of those pipes. I'll be back in 12 1/2 hours.

Cost: $10,000.

Hey, works for me.


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Lol, they consider sex a no-no. :hysterical:

(See Hubbard's Chart Of Human Evaluation)

Who is they? OMG what a complete generality! My god you must be an SP! What is this place? ESMB? I thought I was at the friendliest place on the planet, did I make a wrong turn someplace?

Sex is good. Makes new future SO members.

Reminds me of when I was at FLAG to do my CCRD. Another public guy was there getting 2D FPRD. Next time I run into him I say how's it going... Uh, not so good... Why what happened? Well I had sex with the accommodation's reg and she was married... Holy shit dude, are you insane?

Poor fellow... I signed his liability formula...

Note to self: beware an unflat 2D FPRD...

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Lol, great story, P&B.

Re: "They"; See column 4 of Hubbard's Chart Of Human Evaluation.

Bottom of the scale = "No effort to procreate." ie. Today's SO, the elite of scientology.

Top of the scale = "Sexual interest high but often sublimated to creative thought" ie. Today's OTs, busily creating thoughts that they're 'top of the scale' whilst their lives go to shit.
Isn't there a fraud suit going on right now over the super power building? I bet they actually open the thing this time in hopes of derailing the case.
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"It addresses the biggest button and charge on anyone's case -- ...."

Now where on The Bridge have I heard that before.................:questions:

I am not sure what you are alluding to DB but your question brought to mind this clip of Mark Bunker interviewing Jason Beghe and Jason's reference to the congress lectures wherein LRH keeps trying to cover his bullshit lies from earlier.