I was staff at Plymouth (UK) org


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Is that Vicky Bourne? Can't say I was impressed either.

Shalashar, welcome to ESMB!

BTW, do you remember anyone from your time who was at the org in the mid-80's, when I was there? I'm curious to know what became of some of the people I knew at Plymouth Org from that time.

That would be Vicky Boyce, wife of Greg Boyce, also known as Vicky "Sign thief" Boyce for this epic little escapade:

Welcome aboard Shalasher, look forward to seeing you at future protests.

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The Vicky I knew was something like 6ft tall, as thin as a rake and in her early-mid 30's, was married to the basic course supe, Greg who himself admitted to being a former junkie. Can't for the life of me remember her last name though.

(and @anonymous1312)

Vicky Boyce? Sounds like it. I shouldn't really diss her any further as I didn't know her in RL even though she probably wouldn't have the same scruples where I'm concerned.


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Great story, Kat! I just found it. Thanks for writing it. I'm so glad you are happy now, and still together with your husband.