IAS 2014 The Protest

Terril park

There was a fun successfull protest at the IAS event at St Hill
yesterday. A group of Exes, never ins, Old Guard, anons and
a freezoner picketed outside the gates yesterday. The police
were very friendly and helpful, especially 2 attractive female
officers, one of whom was the Sargent in charge. Previously
we had to stand opposite the gates which was uncomfortable
and unsafe as the CO$ had planted a row of trees which took
up what little space there was on that side of the road. IIRC
this was because CO$ members wanted us on that side of
the road. There are no pavements that side and we found out
yesterday that this narrow road had a 60mph speed limit! The
female Sargent told us to stay on the St Hill side of the road
which had a reasonably wide footpath and this allowed us to
move around, stretch our legs and above all be much safer.
I guess the moral is that if you send a woman to do a man's
job you get better results.

I found out some interesting facts re the Sussex police. 43%
of sargents are woman, and our rep is that we are a well
behaved fun group to be with. If its not fun its not protesting

The main topic for slogans shouted to attendees centered on
financial matters. " Don't take your wallets in", " Don't give them
any money", " It all goes in Micaviges pocket", " Then there was
" CO$ is a Church of enforced abortions". " Its a suppressive act
to combine 2 orgs like LA". " Narconon will be thrown under the
bus". "I'd dusted off my 7 year old posters and usually told
attendees " Scientology outside the Church costs a fraction of
inside the Church."

One anon estimated that we had caused a need for £ 2,000,000
worth of repair auditing. Well he wasn't a fully hatted C/S, and
niether am I, but I think we should also consider £3,000,000
worth of sec checks. " Did you read any of the posters?" "Do you
have similar thoughts yourself?". " Are you disaffected with COB?"

We tried to estimate numbers attending. There was 4-500 cars
in the car parks, only 6 coaches and maybe 50-100 arriving on
foot. Looks like around 2000 in total.

Two things struck me as odd. Most people arrived near the start
of the event at 7pm, I think that is different to previous times.
Perhaps minimizing face time with reg's? Also very many attendees
smiled at us and our posters and slogans. Seemed very genuine
friendly smiles to me. I'm not sure what to make of that.