IAS Event 2008 Post Game (St. Hill)


DAY ONE, Friday 24th Oct 2008

Well, me Hartley and Tony arrived in the Town centre by about 12:30 for a town picket. We had the promise of /b/lackup at St. Hill at 4pm. We did all the normal handing out fliers and megaphoning stuff, despite all the Scilons could throw at us (and the lone Copper, poor guy). Several Scilons tryed their hands at acting, by pretending to be members of the public, as in this little exchange I had with a guy who looked to be about 19:

HIM: Why are you wearing a mask?
ME: Fair game, attacking, sueing, blah blah blah...
HIM: Yeah, I've read about this. Wasn't it, like, cancelled in the 1970s or something?
ME: How long have you been a Scientologist?
HIM: *Runs away*

At about 2:30 we retired to a pub for a quick pint to fortify us for the next round, which would be at St. Hill. We had to shake off a very persistant Scilon cameraman who wanted to do an interview with me. I said I'd do it up at St. Hill. He didn't like this, but in the end he agreed.

So, up at St. Hill itself. As soon as we arrived, we realised the Scilons plan was to block off the area where we normally protest. They put barriers up everywhere, and even a load of pot plants (wtf?)


The promised /b/lackup arrived a bit late, so they never got to see the Interview. The guy came over and reeled off the script which has been used the world over. Thankfully, by now Anons have read the script and know how to answer it without giving them anything to work with. (Also, constant arm movements make it very hard for them to cut it up and edit it!) Also, I have in my possesion a full copy of the Video, filmed by me and Tony, which I'll keep just in case.

After that, the /b/lackup arrived, and we settled down into a good evenings enturbulation. The Scilons sent out some very young looking preclears to wave union jacks. I don't know why they bothered, because it looked tacky as shit!


Soon after that, realising we could be seen from the car park, they employed "Blocking Tech" using a big yellow Vulture Minister van, which sat in the gate for about 3/4 of an hour!


Realising they could still hear our megaphone, they then, in desparation, sent out bagpipe players to drown us out. This didn't work either, as we very much enjoyed their bracing tunes, and took to dancing and jigging. In fact, I think the (obviously not Scilon) bagpipe players liked us, because we where the only ones clapping and enjoying it. The Scilons just stood around, looking stoney faced.

YouTube - IAS 2008 Anonymous Picket
YouTube - IAS event, BAGPIPE TECH!

After that, in obvious desparation, they sent out a tiny little old lady Scientologist to bullbait us. She was OT4 and confirmed the existance of Xenu. She then claimed We knew nothing about Scientology, all ex-Scientologists are liars and the internet is all wrong. After about ten minutes of arguing with her, we collectivly realised there was no point in talking to her. Whatever we said, she'd just reply "I want you to stop spreading lies about my religion!" So we started playing with her, leading to these two beautiful conversations:

BARBARA (Sci troll): I think you have a problem...
FEMANON: (In a tearful voice) NO, You have a problem, you're purple!

and also:

BARBARA: Have you ever met Mike Rinder?
*comic pause*
ME: I like waffles!

This tactic got rid of her eventually. Soon the sun began to set behind the gates of St. Hill

And soon it was dark. Several london Anons had brought glowsticks and a blank black sign, and proceeded to make a giant glowing "XENU" sign, which was hilarious. We stayed until the beginning of DM's speech (when all traffic into St. Hill had basically ceased) and caught a Taxi back into the town, had a few pints and went home! What a day, full of such wins!

PS: at total our numbers where 7. At peak, we reckoned the Scilons had 2000. Outnumbered much?





DAY TWO, 25th Oct 2008


Me and Sharone arrived about 1pm, fearing we would be alone. Indeed, it appeared that we would until we got to St. Hill and found a load of other Anons. This brought our total up to 13, including one Anon with an epic win tie:

The Scilons had all the normal security guys on the door, as well as a few OSA Scilons, who looked supremely unhappy at our presence!













All the time we were there, vans and busses (mostly empty) went in and out of the Gates. This usually led to big traffic jams and the brilliant line: "You cna't even clear a car park, let alone the planet!"






All this time we could hear music which sounded like the Jive Arses. It was very quiet, so we assumed it was coming from a tent a long way away, until an anon spotted this:

Thats right, St. Hill had attempted to imitated Hemet Base and drown us out with speakers. Except they failed because it was so quiet you could talk over it. I mean, come on guys!
YouTube - St. Hill attempts to imitate Hemet base!

We then procced to play the infamous "Gold Note" at them, which produced many lulz:
YouTube - "The Gold Note" Using it against the Scilons!
YouTube - Another Gold Note

We danced around to our own music, easily drowning out the Jive Arses on the speakers:

We even OT3 rolled them before we left!
YouTube - OT3 Rolled!

Just before we left, another female bullbater came over, introducing herself as Eva, and proceeded to have a long conversation with Sharone, who nearly lost har rag with this woman. She clamed that L. Ron Hubbard was a good man, the tech was good, etc... but I think Sharone got through to her. She certainly didn't like the tails of Sharone's childhood aboard the Apollo!
Here's a mugshot:

All in all, another epic WIN!


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

This is excellent!! Well done to all of you for this, and thank you. Even if if puts a slight doubt in someone's mind it's all worth while. Thanks for posting all this info NarCONon, you are doing such a wonderful job! :thumbsup:

Sharone Stainforth

Silver Meritorious Patron
Wonderful job NarCONon!

Great pics and vids.It was a great pleasure to spend time with you yesterday. Thank YOU for ALL you do.

As I have said in my thread on IAS event. I think I struck a chord with Eva, she was visibly upset.Just a little seed of doubt goes a long way.

See you next time.


Silver Meritorious Patron
Nice work there. I think there's going to be a fair few things like this happening around the country so keep it peeled.


Great Post! Did you generate the gold tone yourself or was it a recording?

Tamasin - you look like you are having FUN!


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Great stuff!

Well done to everyone who protested. :thumbsup:

It seems incredible that the cult still hase no idea how to deal with protesters. Whenever anyone turns up, they appear to have no clue what to do about it.

Putting the potted plants down to block the protesters is not on. The verge does not belong to the CoS, they had no right to put them there. Perhaps a complaint to the local council (Mid Sussex District Council) might be in order?


Sharone Stainforth

Silver Meritorious Patron
Putting the potted plants down to block the protesters is not on. The verge does not belong to the CoS, they had no right to put them there. Perhaps a complaint to the local council (Mid Sussex District Council) might be in order?

What I was annoyed about, but trying to keep the Police happy was the fact that when there was just three of us we moved down closer to St. Hill and just the other side of the partioned off area.The Policeman who was on duty at the time requested that we move back behind the partioned area as he did not want us to get run over.This is all well and good but in actual fact, the immediate area was so overgrown we would have had to have been stuck behind bushes.I am only small but my face would have been hidden behind a bush, the two people I was with would have been completely hidden from view.

Is this more $cientology "Tech"? Are the Police unbiased or biased?

At the cross roads going down to St. Hill is a sign from the local council saying that the verges are of special interest or some such.I am all for making a complaint but I cannot help but wonder is this a trap? I worked and lived with LRH, MSH and the GO. I don't trust any of them.Not then and not now.