IDEA: MASS Australian Anti-CoS protest (Centralised protest Feb 2010)


There is an org in Canberra... currently falling to pieces.

HOWEVER, I suggest NOT protesting in front of Parliament house! It's stupid because it's in the middle of nowhere, politicians never go outside (and they won't even be there on a weekend), the media won't care, the only people walking past are tourists, of whom half won't even speak english. End result = FAIL.
(The anti-internet filter protest was held outside Parliament in March, and I went, and it was epic fail despite having a stage and 100+ people. Please let's not be epic fail like that one.)

Much better to protest in Garema Place, which is the shopping mall area right in the centre, and only a block away from the actual org. That way people can actually hand out flyers, and get the public involved in all this, ie actually achieving something.