Ideal Orgs - Booming or bust?

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I believe the definition has changed over the years. Back in the 80s there was a nice glossy booklet, if I remember it right, with the figures in it, as well as interviews with staff from the period. I think the figures were for the main GDSes (Gross Divisional Statistics). They included 200 full-time students on course, and 1000 WDAHs. I don't remember any other figures. But the stats would probably have included number of full-time staff, GI and maybe GBS, some measure of solvency and reserves, WDAHs and Student Completions, some kind of Quality stat (F/N percentage maybe?), some kind of New People Onto Course Div 6 stat.

Again from memory, didn't 339R talk about maintaining the level of production, not just a single peak? This was the case with "old Saint Hill", from what I remember of seeing stat graphs, but I couldn't guarantee it. This got watered down over the years too.

The only interview I remember a bit of was with Monica Quirino. I had known (and liked) Monica while I was at SH in the 70s. She went uplines somewhere around 1980. All I remember of her interview was her saying that there was not much attention on stats--they got reported at the end of the week and they were usually up, but not a lot of effort was put into "raising the stats", people just got hatted and did their jobs. How true that was, of course, I don't know, but it stuck in my memory as it was so different to SO life in LA in the 80s.

I don't think it started off with a whole long checklist, but I believe one got introduced at some point, including legal ruds and so forth. I mean, you couldn't really have an org being widely promoted as SH Size with huzzahs from Int Management on video at a Birthday Event, and then have the org closed down for not paying the rent or for pissing off the local mayor, could you?

I seem to recall a figure of 115 FSM's being correct for Saint Hill, from the

early promo for the game.

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Purif is Auditing ??

When CCI was deemed Saint Hill Size, the Well Done auditing hours requirement was 1000. At that time, most of those hours were made on the Purification RD. At least 600 came from there, maybe up to 700. And the rest came from the HGC - about 300 - 400. Alot of pressure to keep the WDAHs moving up.

Now they have likely built up their auditors - well, who knows, maybe they all got busted. I have no idea, to tell you the truth. But last I checked, they were doing pretty good number of hours in the chair in HGC. But the Purif was high pressure area, cause it had to keep the org WDAHs above SH size. They actually figured out that they needed 14 Purif starts per week to keep the stat in range. And they did manage to do it too.

The stats I remember for SH Size:

WDAHs 1000
GI 220,000
GIBY (GI divided by number of staff) 1200 (We always beat it)
200 students on course
Letters out (SH size stat, forget the number though)
letters in (never made quota on this one cause there was no way to force it up)

Counting that crude "body cleansing" program as auditing is a big

misleading joke !:grouch:

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FCDC Report

I got a call recently out-of-the-blue from an oldtimer at FCDC (early seventies).

They said that FCDC is doing well now, with good stats, lots of theta, and no

obvious insanties as in some earlier years. They told me they have been

helped personally recently at modest cost, where before no help

was forthcoming due to an arbitrary.

They also say that the protesting Anons have been seen carrying signs with

them from other protests totally disrelated from Scientology. Pro protesters ?

My source is reliable and would not make up anything.

Just reporting what was said in a too long conversation.

I tried quite unsuccessfully to get him to see what has happened to the CO$

and about the FZ, etc. I know them well enough to realize I was wasting my

time. These type of people are simply unable to LOOK as it is too scary.

Another very reasonable sycophant to go down with the ship.

Anice person though with care and manners.
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I have some questions pertaining to the Ideals Orgs, maybe some of you can help me with that.

Here goes:
How many staff do they actually have in such an org?

what's the pay?

Is the staff entierly SO, or only a fraction of it? Not SO at all?

If you're a foreign national on staff there, do you have custody of you own passport?

For IAS sponsored Ideal Orgs (Rome, D.C., and Brussels)

-> does the IAS only sponsor the operating costs such as building maintenance or does it also contribute to the staff's wages?

-> D.C. and brussels are no brainers but why does the IAS have to sponsor an Ideal Org in Rome? Why are there no plans for an Ideal Org in France?

If anyone can give some recent information on this, it would be extremely usefull.



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Izhar Perlman has established a central point for informing the public accurately as to the fraud that is David Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” ponzi scheme.

Izhar’s site is easy to find at

It is interactive. You just send a proposed post, text and supporting photos, exposing Miscavige false representations with evidence of the true state of affairs he lies about, to Izhar at [email protected]. In short order Izhar will post it for the world to see.

I tried it with recently received evidence of Mountain View Idle Org false representations and Izhar posted it in minutes: Mountain View Idle Org.

John P. | April 15, 2012 at 7:19 pm | Reply

This is a great idea. Kudos to Izhar for taking this on. Getting high-quality data in a single place detailing the amount of traffic (or the lack thereof) going into or out of orgs will help provide unassailable proof that the wave of “unprecedented expansion” is really “unprecedented shrinkage.”

In particular, this seems like it could really help provide the data needed for people still “in” to take a look at the reality across all the orgs. As has been said here on numerous occasions, people on staff mentally reconcile the dismal stats of their own org with Miscavige’s claims of “straight up and vertical” growth by believing that their org is the only one in the whole world with such dismal stats.

But if Izhar is able to compile enough data on staff and visitor traffic for a significant portion of the orgs, all compiled within a few months of each other, then anyone inside the RCS today might be able to find this wealth of data and realize that it is not just their org — that the whole thing is collapsing and that they might as well get out now rather than later.