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If I get my money back will my sister have to disconnect from me?

Arthur Dent

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but my services were not received or were not received in part either. They were not received at all. i never started any service. the money is simply on account. so does this apply?

Hi Reasonable,

I don't know how "on lines" you are...on staff? on course every week? etc. or how long you have been on lines?

But I was wondering what would happen if you wrote them a letter saying that, although scn. looked very interesting to you and you paid for services, it is your decision to pursue your spiritual growth elsewhere (could name some religion or not) and that you would like a repayment of your funds. Attach a copy of the policy (which does not include disconnection). Send it certified mail, return receipt requested.

This, and don't go in for any "handling" or to "see someone" or take their calls, etc., as all of that is a trap. Just make them handle the repayment in writing. And keep your communication with them on the highest level (no mud slingin') and very cordial and business-like.

Keep it all in writing and don't sign anything. If you don't make progress have a lawyer send them a letter with a copy of your previous correspondence, requesting your repayment immediately.

You will have them on their religious tolerance issue if they pull any crap as you will have it in writing that you wished to pursue another religion.

Who could declare you for that? And would they want that in the media?? I think they'd see through it but would have no choice but to behave and not harass you or your sister.

Just a thought.
Best of luck to you!

Illegal Alien

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Get the refund if that's what you want.

The reality of the matter is even if you try and be the good guy here and try keep it quiet Scio will still discredit you.

I am speaking from own experience here.

However if you can live with the fact that the only reason you really did not ask for the refund was for the fear of what Scio would do to you and your family and you do not want to loose them then do not ask for the refund.

For me it's better to reveal the nature of the beast and ask for the refund and see where the pieces fall.

I wish you all the best with this.

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There IS "policy" on repayments and refunds. If you are expecting "policy" to be followed then you in for what is called a SRA ( severe reality adjustment ).

They ain't going to follow policy.

Do your research.

One may find that the truth is as long as one is nice they are considered "recoverable" and are going to be a long fruitless time consuming nightmare.

Or, once can realize if they are a particle the org does NOT want on their lines they cut you a check and be rid of you.

Use, email, use snail mail or priority mail, hand deliver if you must BUT if you use a method that requires a signature it ain't going to happen. No person at any org will sign for anything delivered...ever.

Disconnect. Policy there, too. And, as usual, they do not follow their own policy.

Sometimes a refund of auditing $$ will NOT produce a declare or any disconnects yet sometimes a repayment will produce a declare and disconnects galore.

And, these days, published declares are considered bad PR ( too many got published in the papers ! ) so they are NOT sent to the person declared.

And, these days, it seems lip service disconnect is becoming more popular by the day - tell ethics whatever they want to hear and do not really disconnect from friends and family.
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