if you were on staff in Toronto / CLO Canada 2007-2009


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In the rare case that any of my former friends ends up here, I will put their names here so they can find me. Some have left staff, but all of them are still believers.

Dylan Byrne - my once-lost cousin, and friend. Good fun in Ext Comm. You made life interesting, from day one.

Priscilla Ilasi - Friend on the EPF. Made me feel more comfortable in that strange world.

Robert Lanteigne - a wiser man then I'll ever be. You sacrificed so much in the name of helping others. I deeply respect that.

Lisa Coleman - although half the base thought I liked you when i didn't, you are always welcome to be my friend.

Alex Romero - while I felt alone in the SO because most of the people were fanatics, I wasn't completely alone. When I went to do laundry at the far place just to get a break from the group insanity, you came with me.

Melissa Pilon - While we weren't really friends, your childhood stories of life before the Sea Org reminded me how much fun "real life" was. You contributed to my ultimate decision to escape. I always knew when you were "crying on the inside", but I didn't know what to do. Sorry.

Danae Bergeron - You found out that I wasn't there for 2D relations, when I ignored your advances. But I forgive you, as it is a part of nature. I hope that you too, can discover a higher meaning to friendship. It is much more fulfilling that way.

Serge Beaulieu - we had a good time on the Security WQSB for anonymous. I hope you re-unite with your wife someday.

Paul LeBlanc - You were one of the few people who matched personalities with me so closely. So few people have the heart to live in servitude of others. Thanks for all the hours of philosophical discussion. I miss you as much as my father.

Chris Kundel a.k.a Gene Froese - you always listened to me when I was upset, whether you agreed or not. "Look at that wall" is actually a good memory thanks to you. You also contributed greatly to my escape. Sorry I couldn't do the same for you.

Erin McFarlane - Your enthusiasm and energy could not be contained by their system of control. You saw the reality of things right away, and so you were rewarded with your freedom much quicker then I was. I am proud to say that I showed you the way out. I just wish I could've done it for others as well.

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Reading your post and feeling your feelings behind your words reminds me of the fact that the basic problem with scientology is the founder and the current leader and a handful of minions past, present and future. :unsure:

There were a lot of good people in the cult when I was involved 100%. No doubt there still is and there always will be. I lose sight of the fact that only a handful of monsters have poisoned the field and contaminated our minds. :unsure:

It's so sad that virtually all of it was nothing but greed driven lies. Here's to all the people who joined the cult honestly attempting to better ourselves and the world in general: :thumbsup:


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There's some good news and some bad news.

Bad - The EP of Scientology is to create monsters

Good - Scientology doesn't work very well.


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I knew a bunch of dudes and dudettes from the TO 'org' in the 1970's:

Brad Pinch Killed himself after being routed offlines and stuck with a huge 's.o.' 'freeloader' debt.

Penny Pinch Died from kidney cancer. Bought some last minute auditing that she had to waive as being a "treatment" but really was a clam "treatment" and expected to help her. It didn't work.

Bob Mills (Also Royal Oak 'mission' and the Detroit 'Org') Ate a shotgun after visiting with 'ethics' in Royal Oak due to pending child sexual molestation charges in New Brunswick (his wife's 14 y.o. daughter).

Gord Blakeston Routed off-lines (actually thrown out of the building into the street) after coming out by the acting 'ethics officer', who used to be a male prostitute. Go figure. Died of AIDS 20 years ago.

Cindy Scott English Broke up with her clam boyfriend to start an affair with a male model. Died from leukemia 4 years later. May have been AIDS (1981). Bought some last minute auditing, after of course signing a waiver. It didn't work.

Ah, the memories.... :bigcry:

Fucking scientology. :grouch:

Fucking hubbard. :angry: