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Illegal Alien - my name - Adrian Kelsey, South African


HI, after having been on this board for some months now posting as Illegal Alien the time has come for me to introduce myself.

My name is Adrian Kelsey a South African currently living in Australia.:hattip:

About two weeks ago I found through the net an old friend who had gotten out of Scientology and was out spoken about Church Management.

It was really awesome to find somebody I actually knew from years ago who has seen through the lies of Scientology and we got chatting. To have a face behind the name was really cool.

Due to this I decided I would post my real name as I am sure there are others out there who know me and I them and I think this makes us stronger as a group, you know somebody may say "Holy crap I know him, I wounder what happened" or something like that and that may start them really looking.

Carmel, Emma and all those working with the Senator all I can say is :clap::thumbsup::happydance::hifive:

Dear Adrian,

Finally all your story and answer to Scientology Mexico is posted and translated at: http://asesor.xscientology.com/archives/1383

Thanks for everything you are doing!

Rafael Gómez
Hi Adrian,
I was in the SO with you in SA. I was around when you and Lesley got married. I was in treasury and then later went into HCO. I have read your story and I am saddened by your experience! I have recently "exposed" myself to reading the data on the internet, and the "illegal" sites etc. Its been a horrible wake-up call that we have followed this "religion" blindly, whilst emptying our pockets. I hope you are in contact with your parents, whom I believer are living in CT with your brother.
Best regards Buddha of Compassion