I'm not on post today...


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... and that is amazing, and it hits me that it is something that I'm thankful for.

I don't think about Scientology much anymore at all, although I do with nudges from my wonderful therapist still have to look at and work through the PTSD that ensued from the whole thing. Still amazes me that it can affect me to this day; I'd like to say it didn't, but it still fucks with me. And, I wonder about the job interviews where it went enthusiastically to the point where I was told they were looking forward to working with me... and it went silent. Forgot that the last place this happened because of physical location a full background check would be done--I've had my name run with my employment consultants, and nothing comes up--except when you run work history--it shows I worked for the cult. Can't say that is the reason I wasn't hired, but it makes me wonder... but, I digress.

I'm happy. I'm at my son's place and he escaped and has found a great job with full benefits and someone in his life that he loves and loves him back. He works for an organization that mostly caters to homeless and he's off right now meeting some of the community at a place that does a decent Christmas meal. He's coming back later and I'm watching Alton Brown on Netflix and we will have a nice meal and just enjoy life.

I remember holidays sleeping on the floor of my auditing room. I remember my son getting yelled at at the age of 13 or so because he just felt like he needed to spend Christmas at home.

My other son is probably on post today--he's Sea Org. So, I will take a moment to think of him, and all those who are on post today because they are trapped in the ideal and Christmas is just another day, and there are thetans who need them to be there to ensure their eternity. And... I will hug my son, and enjoy the day, and try to set aside the guilt that comes from just having a wonderful holiday while others are suffering. Because we all deserve simple happiness and freedom. To be horrifically sad won't help those still in, but we will keep hope that one day they can join us.

Merry Christmas folks.
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Merry Christmas, Clami! I hope the love and hugs never end with your son who is now home - those times are so precious. I hope your other son feels the love and it ignites his courage, desire and strength to leave and you have him back soon. :yes:

Love to ya. :biglove:


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I wonder about the job interviews where it went enthusiastically to the point where I was told they were looking forward to working with me... and it went silent.

Actually, I wouldn't necessarily attribute that to Scientology. This used to happen to me a lot a few years ago; there's nothing on my resume that says "Scientology". And it happened to my husband a number of times, too, who has never been in.

I'm not really totally sure why some interviewers do this. Sometimes I think they don't know how to tell you they aren't going to hire you for whatever reason, so it's just easier/more comfortable for them to lead you on. Sometimes they think they will hire you, then someone better comes along. Sometimes they decide after the fact you'll be too expensive, or you're overqualified and they're afraid you won't stay.

One thing I have found, both from the aspect of looking for a job and working in places and seeing it from the other side. A lot of times they will post a job knowing damn well who they want to hire. They go through the motions of interviewing outsiders, but they plan on putting someone they know (often it's a family member or a friend of someone who works there) into the job. You never actually had a chance.

It sucks, but that's the way it is.