Imaginary Dialog with LRH.

Demented LRH

Patron Meritorious
DLRH. What is the ultimate goal of Scientology?
LRH. To produce a god-like thetan capable of creating its own universes.

DLRH. Does this mean that each Scientologist will become a god?
LRH. Yes.

DLRH. But if I become a god, I would not want anyone to be as powerful as I am. I rather prevent the others from becoming gods.
LRH. But then you will be committing an overt which would ultimately drag you down to a meat body.

DLRH. But you said that a Clear Theta Clear is capable of doing anything.
LRH. That is true.

DLRH. This includes the ability to commit overts and still remain in:yes: the god-like state, doesn’t it?
LRH. This is some kind of sophistry.

DLRH. It seems to me that the whole Scientology is a sophistry.
LRH. I have nothing more to say about this matter.

DLRH. Let’s move to another topic. Are you mentally ill?
LRH. It depends on definition of “mentally ill”. When Einstein published his theory, his peers thought that he was crazy, but later they realized that he was a genius. The same is true about me -- at the present time not everyone sees me as a genius.

DLRH. Do you believe that the Xenu story is true?
LRH. Of course I do.

DLRH. Here is my dilemma -- I do not know if you are lying or telling the truth about your belief in the Xenu story. Everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt, so I assume that you truly believe in Xenu’s existence. But to me this is unmistakable sign of mental illness.
LRH. My followers beg to differ.

My dialog with Hubbard is over. But the others could have imaginary dialogs with LRH; I think this could be fun.