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Con te partirò
Thanks for registering at the Ex Scientologist Message Board.

For a short period of time you will have limited functionality on the board. This is because we are trying to wipe out "signature spammers" and other types of spammers & trolls who register on forums for the sole purpose of spamming and contacting our established members for their own purposes.

The majority of the board board is still viewable but you won't have access to the "members only" forums. You will not be able to post links, upload an attachment, create or post a poll, create a signature, send a Private Message or email another member, post calendar events, view who is online, use a friend list, create photo albums, join or create social groups or modify your profile until you have made your first two posts. You will also not have access to the "Natterbox" (ESMB's chatbox).

Once you have made your first two posts you will be transferred across to the regular users group and these functions will become available to you. This may not be immediate as the software is set to run upgrade cycles hourly. But it shouldn't take more than one hour before these functions become available to you.

We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.