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In and out, how did it happened.


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Sorry for the absence, I was planning a reply with some more of my story when tragedy hit my family really hard.

I just lost my only sibling. I’m getting ready to go visit my parents. My priorities just changed and are not any more about me or scientology, it’s about family and love and life.

I’ll be gone for a while, I may lurk or not, but I’ll come back.



Maria, your story is extremely interesting and also you are a good writer in English though it's not your native language.

What I kept getting from reading your story was how good people are continually disrespected and wasted by Sea Org officials. Hubbard created something that attracted strong interest from good, decent, high quality people. With just a little encouragement, people were willing to quit what they were doing and commit their lives to the Sea Org.

Why couldn't the Sea Org play it straight, why couldn't they be sane? Instead of ordering you divorce over some stupid, trivial event in your husband's past, they should take the time to investigate before ordering a couple to move to a new country. Why not respect you and your husband and make an effort to find out what you are good at and place you into doing work that you are want. Instead people are herded around like cattle with no concern at all for what is good for the person. They say that what is good for the group is what counts but if they ignore and degrade the person, there is no possible way that their group, the S.O., will get stronger. It will always get weaker and smaller using the approach they use!!

The incident where you and your husband stopped at an auto accident and assisted the injured people while the S.O. members were angry at your for stopping and just sat on their asses was very revealing. It just showed that you and your husband were the only two "OT's" in the group. Why wouldn't the two S.O. members take action? Probably because their was no "stat" for helping people out on the street. The S.O. says they are the only one's qualified to help others, Tome Cruise even says that on a video and yet before they will help, they must be ordered to take action by a Senior and be sure that some sort of stat will be posted for them after they help or they won't take action.

Just think what might have been if the S.O. was run in a sane manner! They have writings which attract good people; had those people, yourself included, been treated fairly and with respect, the S.O could have grown in influence and done some actual good in the world. Instead, using policies of intimidation, invalidation and humiliation, it is has become a small fringe group that most people have never heard about. You and your husband were lucky you saw the truth early in the game and got it with a minimum of damage!