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Re: Read Veda's post just a two or so days back.

Sometimes I've got a whole narrative thought of how I want to say an idea or concept, convey an image or scene and then I change my mind while I'm writing it and do it a different way and it gets to be a miss mash. When I go back to clean it up, one of my "problems" from my brain damage is dealing with symbolic notation...written numbers and letters...and I sometimes just don't "see" my matter how many times I go through it, whether or not I read it out loud, go slowly and repeatedly, even if I review it again days later I won't see them. But, when they are pointed out, Bingo, it's obvious to me.

I often read posts on ESMB 4 or 5 times before I respond to them to ensure I'm "getting" them correctly and, even then, I mess up from time to time.

This is something that is new to me since my brain lesion thingy...along with a bunch of other stuff I won't self indulge about. What's fascinating is that as frustrating as some of this stuff is (like the above) there's some other stuff that's new that's pretty F'n cool. If someone had a magic wand and could go "presto chango" and put me back like I was 6 years ago in every way I'd probably--most days--take a pass.

I very much appreciate your doing this, Paul.:yes:

I appreciate all Y'all's interest in what I've got to say.:yes:

And, I sure as Hell am grateful for having a place and the memory to say it.:yes:

Face :)

Dearest Face,

I want you to know that I am very grateful.

The gift you give is perfect, just the way it is. You.

Yours in gratitude