Independent Scientology Advanced Org of the Great Plains videos

Terril park

No, Terrill. It does not "fit in" with the Ivory Tower.
These PC's have the opportunity to talk with the C/S. To Q & A about the next C/S. To re-write their worksheets, etc etc etc.
Whatever. The next thing for you to say is that " any C/Sing is better than no C/Sing", and that would be a true statement if the C/S is fully trained and competent. We assume that Pat is, altho' she didn't train on Cl V111 in COS. I don't know where she got the Cl V111 training, but at least she is willing to do it. Were there no C/S, most PCs would not dare audit, so they are being true to their goals of Super Duper Whatsits and Clearing each other. WTF! The secret to being Clear is to act like it, and so it is with OT. Wear the valence.:p

Pat has been also delivering NOTs for many years. Her NOTs was delivered by Mayo by snail mail. Was probably also a good learning experience. I don't think CO$ training and C/Sing is the ne plus ultra.

But then you know that :)