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Independent Scientology blogs in French and German


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A housekeeping item -- Independent Scientology blogs in French and German.

French: Scientology-secte.org
(Also features Debbie Cook's letter in French.)
Why this blog?

For 30 years, David Miscavige, "ecclesiastical leader" of Scientology, orchestra and calculated the systematic destruction of philosophy founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Under his dictatorship, Scientology has become a cult. During his dictatorship, Scientology has become an international paramilitary movement whose only concern is MONEY.

Many Scientologists and non-Scientologists French do not speak English. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to Scientology. Many are mines of information. This blog will publish the most important information in French without taboo or censorship. As we are not ALL can translate, it will happen often enough to provide links to English sites so that you have the source of the info.

We ask you not to take the information published on this blog for cash. Do you have your own opinion. If you disagree, express yourself. Subscribe to the blog and make your voice heard. You can use a nickname or your real name. It's like you want.

This blog has several objectives:

1) Exposing the crimes of Miscavige and his accomplices, with the hope that one day they will be condemned by the justice of men.

2) Demonstrate that the spiritual enhancement technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard was so distorted by Miscavige it became dangerous and harmful or, at best, ineffective.

3) Giving a voice to people that the church of Miscavige deceived, cheated, humiliated or rejected. Scientologists and ex-Scientologists use this blog to express yourself freely. Tell us what you observed or experienced. Every day, around the world, thousands of Scientologists anonymous and former Scientologists report their complaints on various websites.

4) Report this monstrosity called the "disconnect" that destroys families and friendships. Disconnection is required for a Scientologist to sever ties with anyone who has been excommunicated by the church. If the Scientologist refuses to break the links, it is in turn excommunicated and lose all hope of attaining to "total freedom" promised by Scientology. This cruel and inhumane practice was outlawed by Hubbard in 1968. Miscavige was replaced and reinforced. Now, any Scientologist who gives openly question the policy established by Miscavige is immediately excommunicated and all his relatives and friends Scientologists were ordered to cut ties with him.

5) Open honest and frank debate on the very subject of Scientology. There are those who do not believe in Scientology, those who are against those who think that Miscavige is a great humanist (yes, there is!) And those who believe that Scientology, undenatured, can bring to enormous benefits. All viewpoints are welcome. Be aware that we will not publish letters about insults or totally irrelevant.

As stated by Ovid absit reverentia vero - Do not be afraid to tell the truth.

We invite you to browse this blog. You may find answers to some questions that you ask.


The German Independent Scientology blog appears to have a different favor.

German: Indipendology

About Us

The name of our blog INDIPENDOLOGY comes from the word INDIPEND developed and the word Scient OLOGY .

We are a group of highly trained Scientologists who do not conform to the current management of Scientology organizations, and its malicious actions. The vicious and sometimes inhumane actions, which have spread to the smaller Scientology organizations are unacceptable and do not reflect the ideas and writings of founder L. Ron Hubbard.

We are loyal to L. Ron Hubbard and appreciate what he has done for the very humanity. Together with other independent Scientologists, we have established an international network to reveal information relating to the arbitrariness, the lies and the destruction of Scientology technology on the part of the international Scientology management, share, and communicate to the public!

We only work closely with friends of LRH. Among friends, we all understand that LRH and his work and the full respect for the CPC Series 1 and very consistent. Among friends, we also understand people who are not Scientologists, and want to find out honest about the work, about L Ron Hubbard and his objectives.

We respect other groups and people who, like us, do not match the current Scientology management, and the others have found ways after they have resigned from the Scientology organization. But even here, we stick to the knitting HCO PL get 7 Feb. 65 The functioning.

We look forward to your visit. Do not hesitate to ask us questions if you have any.

Your team Indipendology
Important Facts About the Blog

It is the current http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette here in our blog.

Discussion of other faith communities managed like eg the Free Zone, or Rons Org are out at our place. There are other blogs with more experience and will to understand.

Comments by L Ron Hubbard haters, pranksters, downconverter, Trolls ( http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_ (Internet culture ) are not welcome us and will not be posted with a few exceptions, ... Again, there are other blogs thus revealing the handle and can be visited at any time.

Materials from the higher levels of Scientology auditing are not one of us posted and are not interesting for our blog.

Us it is most important to our readers to keep on the true face of Scientology organization informed about the systematic and gradual destruction of the reputation of the founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard in the public posed by a management consists whose only interest is amass money.



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Data on the Independent scene in France.

voltaire2003 | February 27, 2013 at 1:12 pm | Reply

Mario Feninger founded the first French Scientology mission in Paris in 1959, together with Jean-Jacques Delance, a former SH exec who was Clear number 17, translated LRH materials into French, and was later declared when he became a “Mayoist”.

Mario is an exceptional talent. He gave a private recital to staff and public in Copenhagen in the late 70′s. I was there and the guy rocked. Check out his website. http://www.mariofeninger.com/ There is some very nice music.

Now, regarding denialism, it’s pretty bad here in France. 90% of the French parishioners don’t understand English, so they have no way of knowing, even if they were interested, what’s really going on in the church because most websites exposing Miscavige and the RCS are in English. They are fed the party line by OSA France and the French execs, and are convinced that the French government is packed with SPs who want to destroy them. The French parishioners aren’t aware that OSA France has had to deal with numerous PR situations involving major flaps created by CC Paris and Paris Org execs and staff. If you sell an entire LRH library worth thousands of Euros to a raw public who is stone-blind, you’re bound to be attacked.

OSA France and the French top execs have made sure that overts of that nature were quietly handled unbeknownst to the parishioners.

Things are changing though. In the last two years, a number of French scientologists have publicly left the church. Many parishioners are under the radar and have quietly stopped donating to the IAS and Ideal Org schemes but won’t go public for the usual reason: they don’t want to disconnect from their family, friends or business partners who are slavishly following the party line.

The French orgs and missions are shrinking fast. There aren’t more than 1000-1500 active scientologists left in la Belle France.

Now here’s the good news. In order to fight disconnection, denialism and obscurantism, a number of French scientologists created a blog last month – very similar to your blog, Marty.

Here’s the link. http://scientologie-secte.org

We hope our independent French Canadian compadres will share their views with us.

The French revolution is on the march.