Independent Scientology Milestone Two encroaching on SBIC South African turf?

Terril park

What's up with Trey Lotz, anyway? Why does he have any association with Helen Chen at all?

He's a decent enough guy and should have woken up by now. He's a naturally good counselor and likes people, so WTF with the Helen Chen association?

I've known Trey Lotz IRL Hard to believe he's this desperate for cash or this weak that he's the "I'll deliver the OT levels for you" go-fer for this manipulative wannabe cult leader. WTF, Trey? Seriously. Get a backbone already and show some integrity and discernment in your business associates.

Interesting you say he's a naturally good councelor, as I believe
you have experience in this area. Having been audited by him I
agree with you. He has lots of respect for Helen's abilities and they are
or were living in the same town. She has built up the largest non CO$ scientology delivery org, as well as leading a bunch of people out of

Trey IMO is a paragon of integrity and very smart and well educated
with a degree in Philosophy.

AFAIK he delivers auditing to anyone who wants it. He regularly
delivers 40+ WDAH per week and has a constant waiting list of clients.

Terril park

This pic is from 2011 if it makes any difference.

What I am curious about is why is that guy at the front dressed like an SO member in black pants, shoes, white shirt, black tie? I assume he isn't one considering the venue and company, but why would anyone there want to look like one?


My guess is that Taiwanese people are quite conservative in manner and dress. Shirt tie and proper trousers is probably the norm.