Independent Scientology Scientologists Back in Comm responds to Going Clear


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Independent Scientology Scientologists Back in Comm responds to Going Clear.

In Independent Scientology, RCS = the Radical Church of Scientology, which is their name for the corporate Church of Scientology.

RCS – Church of Hypocrisy

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RCS is currently at the receiving end of one of the worst media lambasting episodes in it’s history. Of course we’re referring to the furore over Alex Gibney’s HBO Documentary “Going Clear”, due for release on the 16th March.

A quick Google search for Scientology + HBO returns 500,000 results in 0.17 seconds. So sensational is this issue that Wikipedia has already published a page chronicling the unfolding drama. The church is literally firing missiles in every direction possible – and this when the film has not yet been released. We can only imagine the crescendo of misery for the Church by the time 16th March rolls around.

BIC has not covered much about the HBO documentary – mainly because so many blogs out there are doing a fine job already. Tony Ortega has covered this extensively as has Mike Rinder who attended the premiere along with all the ex-SCN’s who featured in the film. He wrote a great article about his views on this being a “watershed” moment for RCS.

True to form, the Church has aggravated the whole situation with their renowned foot bullet practice of prematurely attacking everything and everyone remotely connected to Alex Gibney & HBO. Ten days before the film’s première, they took out full-page advertisements in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times to denounce Gibney and his cohorts. Embarrassingly, Gibney said in an interview after the premiere he didn’t expect the Church to spend $250,000 bringing attention to the film, but he was grateful that they had done so.

Once again the Church is making a complete mockery of themselves with their posturing of pious indignation – crying “foul” and bemoaning the fact that their good reputation is being besmirched. We’ve all heard this song and dance before. It’s old and boring and would be funny were it not for the fact that they are using hundreds of thousands of parishioner’s hard-earned money in a futile attempt to stem the tidal wave of overwhelming evidence that they are as guilty as sin. They have become the laughing stock of the press and everything they do in an attempt to stop the onslaught just results in even more ridicule. They are living up to their reputation of being a weird & tyrannical CULT.

The Church is well known for their hypoallergenic reaction to ANY criticism. One whisper of disparagement or “CI to CI” from any parishioner, even if said in jest, is met with a trip to the MAA and penance in the form of substantial financial contribution (10 sets of basics and the like). If anyone “outside” of the Church dares speak against them (an inalienable right per their own Creed) their reaction is swift and vicious. Vehement denial followed by vociferous attack of the target and wild allegations of Psychs and Big Pharma behind it all.

The Church’s violent protest against this documentary is telling. The over-the-top lashing out and spewing of venom in every direction is indicative of the fact that they have something to hide. If, as they claim, Mike Rinder and the other “posse of lunatics” are indeed “a lying bunch of bitter defrocked apostates who never held any position in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Church”, why are they so rabidly objecting to what these “underlings” are saying?

The answer can be found in the Church’s own doctrines:

Per the SCN Tech dictionary:

“CRITICISM, 1. most criticism is justification of having done an overt. There are rightnesses and wrongnesses in conduct and society and life at large, but random, carping 1.1 criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce the size of the target of the overt”

And then there is the issue of “Jokers & Degraders” – an issue which is not taken lightly by the Church and has seen many hapless people who, after making an innocent crack at some silly thing, being frog-marched off to the MAA for behaviour modification. And probably another donation to “make up the damage”.

From HCOPL 5 February 1977, JOKERS & DEGRADERS:

“A recent investigation however into the backgrounds and case condition of a small handful of people who were joking about their posts and those around them showed a somewhat more sinister scene

Each of these persons fell into one or more of the following categories:

1. Were rock slammers. (Some List 1.)

2. Were institutional type cases.
3. Were “NCG” (meaning no case gain) (the only cause of which is continuous present time overts).
4. Were severely PTS (Potential Trouble Source) (connected to rock slammers).

All the persons investigated were found to be the subject of declining statistics, both having them and causing them. Their areas were enturbulated. At least one of the jokers was physically driving basic course students out of an org.

The joker is advertising his symptoms. He is also advertising an area of the org where there is enturbulation and down statistics as well as staff members being victimized”.

Sound familiar? Think of the ongoing insane harassment and degradation of Marty & his wife. Sending sex-toys to Mosey’s workplace while laughing up their sleeves at her embarrassment and humiliation. Jokers and Degraders. Ambush at LAX – Mark Yaeger with that pathetic sneer on his face, Jenny Linson behaving like a raving lunatic – one can just imagine DM’s koolaid minions high-fiving each other at a job well-done. Jokers and Degraders of manic proportion.

Think of Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Karen De La Carrierre, Jesse Prince, Tom De Vocht, the Headleys – the list goes on and on. Every one of them subject to malicious fair-game tactics, contemptuous treatment and despicable articles in the bizarrely named “Freedom” magazine. Jokers and Degraders extraordinaire.

And of course this is happening on our home turf too. Malicious libelous rumours, whispering campaigns, facebook witch-hunting, interrogations of public to “offer up” their friends, business associates and family members. Threatening the employment and family of people who refuse to disconnect from each other. Publishing defamatory articles, engaging in fair game tactics – and the list goes on. (And in case you think this has died down, think again – this is an ongoing campaign and we are well informed of OSA’s activities).

Which brings us back to the subject title of this article – RCS – Church of hypocrisy.

Late last year we covered an article about Joburg Org sending out an email saying they needed a generator and were holding a fundraiser to get the money for this purchase.

We then received another email about the same fundraiser which had pictures and all, but having already covered this topic, we yawned and added this to the growing pile of “wacky org promo” and pretty much forgot about it.

Until now.

It stands to reason that the Church’s increasingly batty reaction to this HBO documentary is indicative of the fact that they are hiding something – their own policy states this is the case. But we needed some kind of evidence to prove our point – and then we realised we were sitting with a prime example and undeniable proof that by it’s own actions, the Church is blatantly advertising their own crimes.

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