Independent Scientology South Africa holds graduation ceremony


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Independent Scientology South Africa holds graduation ceremony.

From the South African Independent Scientology blog Scientologists back in comm:

We’re back & kicking off with good news!

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BIC has returned from a lengthy sabbatical , the reasons for which will become known in due course.

To celebrate our return, we’re kicking off with some great news – another first for South African independents.

This last Saturday 20th June 2015, a graduation event was hosted by a Joburg group to celebrate those who have either embarked on their journey for the first time or those who have continued with their journey outside of corporate scientology.

Most impressive was that over 95 people arrived to congratulate the 46 recipients of certificates for varying completions of life skill courses and other personal spiritual milestones.

Below are some pictures showing friends mingling, chatting and thoroughly enjoying the day. Curiously, people were in no hurry to leave! We were also given a couple of success stories these have been included below the pics.


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LOL at that photo, second from the bottom on the left, of those four people holding their certificates. Their facial expressions sum up the Scientology experience perfectly, esp the two women.

It's like it captured the exact moment where they all wondered wtf they were doing with these crazy ass white folks who worship a bad sci-fi writer.

BTW, did Hubbard like making people feel they were in the second grade or something? What's up with standing up in front of a group holding silly pieces of a paper with your "accomplishment?"