Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order


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Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order.

Please note the attached Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order are promulgated pursuant to the religious teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology as promulgated by Independent Scientology Milestone Two.

Please also note that that the following are being cross-posted in part (albeit only in part) pursuant to the instruction on the Treason Condition Assignment, "To : All Scientologists in the Field, all sites, all blogs," and the instruction on the Non-Enturbuulation Order, "To : All Scn Field, all Scn related blogs and sites."






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From: [deleted]
To: [deleted]
CC: [deleted]
Sent: 6/27/2015 [deleted]
Subj: Non-Enturbulation Order- Jonathan Burke

Greetings to all,

I am Peter Torres, aka Thetaclear, who have an important message to deliver. This message concerns the individual called Jonathan Burke of the Advanced Org of the Great Plains.

On May 9 2015 I sent a broad communication to several terminals in the Field concerning a Treason condition assignment on Mr. Burke. The details of that was contained on such a document which is attached to this e-mail in a new unit of time to avoid having to repeat the same information all over again.

That Treason condition assignment broadly published as gradient #14 of the "Levels of ethics and justice Actions" as contained in HCOPL 29 April 1965 III , "Ethics Review" , was intended to bring about an Ethics change in Mr. Jonathan Burke so that he would start to assume his moral, civil, and legal responsibility, and correct the criminal actions he committed against my friend and selectee when Mr. Burke was servicing her a few months ago.

Jonathan Burke's criminal actions got posted at MS2 blog for 5-8 hrs for a day as enough evidence of the crimes committed had been compiled. This post was done as a responsible action from the blog's moderator as Mr. Burke had been wrongly identifying himself as part of MS2's delivery network. Also the moderator, and rightly so , felt that it was her moral responsability to inform of Mr. Burke's out-ethics actions as the duty expected from a responsible Scientologist.

As a clarification , Jonathan Burke acted totally alone, and was not ever representing in any way, shape or form, MS2's delivery network, or the ethics and professional principles in which it is based. MS2 in no way whatsoever had anything to do with Mr. Burke's misconduct , and Mr. Burke delivery was his total responsibility totally acting as an independent entitity.

After this post had been already taken out of the lines in the best spirit to keep a public theta comm line, Jonathan Burke got in comm with MS2 to inform that he already had my friend's refund money , and that only needed my friend's address to send the money in. As I suspected, it all was PR from Mr. Burke only in an attempt to save his reputation , and escape discipline. He wrore an e-mail to my friend full of entheta , enturbulation, and motivators, only attempting to harass, suppress , and intimidate her.

This obvious criminal and suppressive behavior needed the correct next ethics gradient which in this case is a Non-Enturbulation Order against Mr. Jonathan Burke.

Such an Ethics Order is attached to this e-mail together with the previous Treason Condition assignment document , so all data about this cycle be available for any interested party.

This Non-Enturbulation Order and the previous Treason Condition Assignment , are totally authored by me, and I have not received any orders, suggestions, or opinions from anybody including my friend , to write and/or broadly publish such documents. I have acted totally alone on this, out of my own sense of Justice and Honor as a responsible Scientologist attempting to keep the correct discipline in, as expected of any member of a civilized group.

What follows is a copy-paste of the post that got published at MS2. If any terminal getting this communication wishes to not be bothered again with this subject , please inform me right away, and I'll immediately take you out of my mailing list. This comm is not intended to enturbulate, but only to enforce proper and correct Justice for all parties involved. Here is MS2 's post :

"By Milestone Two crew

There are many auditors in the field.

Some are well-trained, veteran and seasoned auditors. Some are self-trained with varying amounts of experience. Some are (unfortunately) badly-trained or not trained at all.

The general intention of most auditors, regardless of their state of training, is to help people. Ethical auditors only promise what they can deliver, and do their utmost to follow the Auditor's Code and see that LRH tech is applied, to the result of a case gain.

MS2 is not a licensing body, nor a regulating organisation. We are a religious fraternity and bar the fact that we help delivery terminals and persons that want auditing, to meet through a common forum and network, we are not a "big brother" or an Inspector General Network that is enforcing ethics and tech standards.

Milestone Two's technical delivery network and community, all operate independently and there is no exchange of money, no technical oversight committee and no justice office with a large baseball bat. There is agreement by the group that LRH's technical bulletins, lectures, books, basic policies and ethics tech work ,and should be followed. And it is this agreement that makes us a group. And it is our pledge to keep Scientology working, that drives our articles, projects and programs.

We recently were very concerned to get confirmed details of a field auditor making false promises to a preclear for a large sum of money, and then failing to deliver the promised services or results, and instead blowing and leaving an unbankable cheque as an IOU.

Jonathan Bourke of the Advanced Org of the Western Plains, is being named and shamed, after a series of other ethics gradients which have fallen on deaf ears. It concerns us that after many months, he is yet to make good on his overt against the preclear, despite efforts by a number of individuals in the field.

We are not interested in generating a mud-slinging affair against Jonathan (or anyone else) and we certainly don't want details of the preclear or services made public. What IS important, is that Jonathan make good on his last promise to the preclear by refunding the money for undelivered services, and the preclear is not in any way further upset in the process.

It is vital that we, as a group, support ethical auditors -- while at the same time, pressure is brought to bear on any field auditor who is allowing their standards to slip.

"Succumbing to the general low tone of the society, there are persons about who:

"1. Do not care to have have the actual skill necessary to get results;

"2. Do not scruple in their promises to pcs; and

"3. Work against the best interests of the Central Organization and other auditors. ...

"An ethical auditor does the following:

"1. He helps the good repute of Scientology.

"2. He gets dissemination up with a healthy part of his income.

"3. He gets results when he processes somebody.

"4. He charges standard fees, no cut-rate.

"5. He stands in well with his fellow auditors.

"6. He makes no wild promises to pcs he can't back up.

"7. He never tells a pc the pc is now Clear.

"8. He uses standard processes.

"9. He keeps his own case improving toward Clear or higher levels.

"An unethical auditor is earmarked by the following:

"1. He lives on the good repute of Scientology but downgrades it.

"2. He profits by the dissemination of others or the Central Organization and pockets what he should contribute as "profit".

"3. He processes people without caring about results, only profit.

"4. He cut-rates his processing or grossly overcharges.

"5. He is despited by other auditors.

"6. He makes any promise he has to get get a pc to buy processing.

"7. He tells pcs they are Clear no matter what they think.

"8. He uses any process that happens to occur to him and avoids standard proven processes.

"9. He shuns personal auditing on himself." LRH, Ability magazine issue 88M, A Campaign for Ethical Auditin
Lana M. | June 11, 2015 at 10:07 pm (END OF POST)

Attached to this email is the previous Treason Condition Assignment and the Non-Enturbulation Order.

May the greatest good prevails, and Mr. Burke comes to senses, and decide to make it go right.

Best regards,
Peter Torres

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To : All Scientologists in the Field, all sites, all blogs


Jonathan Burke is hereby assigned a condition of Treason as an auditor and as a scientologist. In Oct 2014 , I contacted Jonathan Burke to ask him if he knew of any Spanish speaking auditor for a dear friend of mine. My friend had been grossly misaudited at the CofS (Church of Scientology) of his country of origin to the point of severe R/C as a case. Upon receiving a Standard PTS handling , my friend cognited on the real scene where the CofS found itself : one of gross alteration of LRH's original works in all areas ; Tech, Ethics and Admin , and a suppressive pressure for donations not based on any reference by LRH , leaving many parishioners into a state of heavy debt and less resources to get up the Grade Chart.

Upon having realized about that , my friend decided to abandon the CofS as an alternative for going up the Bridge, as he had been struggling for years to go up the Grade Chart , but only found all kinds of barriers on her way in the form of many arbitraries, harmful alterations of basic Auditing Tech , and just plain general suppression and incredible bad service from Org terminals. Years of accumulated stops and failed purposes had totally stalled her for years on his way up the Grade Chart.

As my friend can only speak Spanish , a quest for a Spanish speaking terminal was started ; a very painstaking and long one. The quest lasted for several weeks until I met Jonathan Burke through e-mail lines. After a few e-mail exchanges with him , and after having consulted it with his wife, he told me that he would be able to help my friend as his wife was able to speak Spanish even if a "little rusty" , according to him.

Jonathan made my friend an offer, through me translating , where he would first use his Spanish speaking wife to help my friend get trained up to class IV. According to Jonathan , his wife was a trained course supervisor. The promise was that while his wife were training my friend, she and him as well , would also teach English to my friend enough so that she could then get audited by Jonathan , an English speaking individual himself. This was supposed to be a team effort from both of them , Jonathan Burke and his wife. The package offered to my friend included auditing up to Clear (if Clear at NED) , training up to Class IV, and teaching my friend English.

In order to protect the identity and priest-penitent information , I won't go into non-applicable details about this cycle, but suffice to say that the offer was beyond the $10,000 USD.

Part of the payment agreement , which was ( and is) put in writing , was that my friend would pay 50% of the total package upon his arrival at the USA city where this service would occur. The rest of the 50% would be pay during his stay there AS PROGRESS in the general program was occurring. The set time for the completion of this program, and the time Jonathan Burke had to stay at this city servicing my friend was, according to him , 6-7 months. So my friend would have this period of time to come up with the rest of the money (the balance of the other 50%).

My friend had set up his arrival date to this USA city for the middle of month X , more or less, with the clarification that it might take her 1-2 additional weeks to arrive due to work related cycles she needed to close before being able to leave with no PTPs behind that would hinder or obstruct her auditing progress.
Before Jonathan Burke made the auditing/training offer to my friend through me , he was already on his way to this USA city to visit family there, and to promote his services as an auditor/sup. He did not go to that city at all, in any way, shape or form, to service my friend. He was ALREADY there when the Reg cycle was closed.

Jonathan knew that this friend had to close some business deal before leaving her country, and also had to arrange other personal stuff of a family nature such as kids, taking care of. The 2 additional weeks became a must for my friend to use , as the business deal got a little bit delayed due to comm lags in Banking institutions procedures. Jonathan Burke then, with an unduly pressure for money, demanded of my friend at least a $2,000 USD deposit to "secure the space" according to him , and to "guarantee arrival". But he was already there , and had in fact gone there in the first place to attend to other matters including servicing other terminals. He basically "threaten" that either he got that deposit or he wouldn't be able to "secure the space" for my friend.

My friend, with all the past failed purposes in going up the Grade Chart, and with so many past opportunities turned into false promises and general stops from CofS terminals, decided reluctantly to go ahead and send Jonathan this $2k deposit via bank transfer. We are talking about a terminal that my friend had never met in person, not even talked with him over the phone before, who is asking for money w/out having delivered a single product yet.

The agreement was that when my friend arrived at the USA city, she would pay Jonathan the 50% of the total package less the $2k that he had already paid him via bank transfer.
My friend, happy as a clam that at last her dream to become Clear so eagerly sought all those past years would soon become a reality , took a plane to this USA city with the hopes of a child expecting his new gift. Freedom at last, free from the suppressive influence from the CofS , she thought.

But little did my friend knew, that another big surprise was waiting for her, totally unsuspected by her. When Jonathan arrived at the airport together with his also "Spanish speaking" wife to pick up my friend as agreed to take her where she would be staying for the duration of the program, Jonathan's wife didn't even speak one single word in Spanish with my friend, something which disturbed her quite a lot. As it was already very late at night , they took my friend to where she would be staying with the R-factor that they would talk first thing in the morning to coordinate starting her on the program right away.

Next morning , my friend was met with the big surprise that Jonathan's wife was NOT going to be working with my friend as she "had some work cycles to complete before that" , according to Jonathan ; the first LIE in all this cycle , and something that clearly violated the original written agreement, and in fact , what got my friend to agree to the offer in the first place. Jonathan alleged that because my friend arrived there 2 weeks after the initial scheduled time of arrival (something that had already been predicted by my friend, and that Jonathan knew quite well) , that the decision had arbitrarily been made by both Jonathan and his wife , to put his wife to work on some upholstery business cycles as their financial situation was bad. Jonathan claimed that as soon as his wife handled those cycles (which were short according to him) , that she would then start working with my friend as agreed and planned.

The curious detail here is that at NO time at all did Jonathan's wife exchanged not even a "hello" in Spanish with my friend over a period of almost 5 months!. When my friend complained about this, and queried Jonathan about this, Jonathan's response was , "She does speak Spanish, she is just a little bit shy about it, but she will come back to it soon" ; an obvious LIE that unfortunately, my friend couldn't spot right there. She trusted in Jonathan's word.

Jonathan not only insisted in the 50% deposit , but he was now not willing to subtract from this 50% the $2k that my friend had already paid to him , alleging undergoing through a lot of financial pressure and situations, which actually portrayed a very unprofessional approach to a business cycle from him.

My friend was put all by herself, to study English using an I-pad and an English-learning program provided by Jonathan. Jonathan would mostly sit near my friend with his own computer doing his own work not related in any way with my friend's auditing/training cycle. Besides some sporadic pronunciation corrections, my friend was mostly by her own struggling along, and progressing very slowly on it. No drills at all done by Jonathan to help my friend speed things up. No learning and duplication drills applied to the learning of English. None of that ; no help at all. How did Jonathan expected my friend to learn English in 3-4 months all by herself , totally escaped my understanding. Jonathan's wife never actually helped in the cycle at all, when it had also been decided as part of the original written agreement ,that Jonathan's wife would help my friend with the M-1 , both in Spanish and English to unbog my friend , and to increase her ability to learn English. At no time during a stay of almost 5 months there did Jonathan's wife exchanged even a "hello" in Spanish ("Hola") with my friend ; so much for being a "Spanish-speaking" terminal.

Christmas vacation was approaching, and the agreement had already been established since the beginning , that from the 22th Dec till Jan 2 , Jonathan would not be servicing my friend because he would be celebrating Christmas with his own family. But due to the apparent financial situation he was going through, Jonathan decided to not take those days off, and attempted to force my friend to stay there at the USA city w/out going to his country to spend time with his kids. My friend didn't agree to this , and left to his country to celebrate Christmas with her family , but not w/out the threat from Jonathan that either my friend arrived at or before the 2nd of Jan 2105 , or he would have to leave that USA city to look for other income generating cycles.

So not only my friend left that city not knowing more English than when she originally arrived there, but now she was under the unduly pressure of the possibility to lose her already paid money and chance to go Clear ; an obvious PTSing scenario.

My friend thought about just cancelling the whole cycle , but she had already invested thousands of dollars in the cycle, and didn't want risk losing her hard-earned money. So she decided to go back as agreed , but to talk with Jonathan about all the out-points , and set things right. To Confront him about his wife non-Spanish speaking scenario, and about Jonathan's unduly demands for money w/out any real products having been delivered yet.

Jonathan (as a very criminal out-exchange action) had already R-factored my friend that he was expecting the rest of the other 50% (the total amount of the package) by the time my friend was back from Christmas vacation. My friend refused to pay him not even a cent more before real products started to occur. He went berserk , and wrote threatening emails to me to attempt to get me to either handle my friend to pay, or he would just stop servicing her. But he wasn't even servicing her at all !!! , unless one calls sitting next to someone doing nothing as "servicing". I confronted him about his lie about his supposed Spanish-speaking wife.

He just gave me a bunch of lame excuses, about that his wife did spoke Spanish too, but that because my friend arrived 2 weeks later than planned, that he had to decide then, to put his wife to work at other cycles to generate income. I told him that he should have let us know about any change of plans BEFORE my friend arriving there, so she could decide whether to arrive or not. That if my friend knew about this "sitting by herself" method of learning English, she would have decided to stay at his own country and learn English there. It was no business at all for her, to pay an expensive airfare, rent, and expensive food, just to sit on a chair and spell words by herself all day.

All my arguments were just ignored and justified by Jonathan. I then instructed my friend to not pay him at all. But at the end Jonathan used the friendship already built between them, to appeal to "help" , because his financial situation was grim, according to him. He cleverly attempted to fool my friend by offering a change in the training program. Instead of the "Up to class IV" training program, he offered my friend to change that for the Solo 1 and 2 courses, and from OT I to OT III courses. Jonathan never made clear to my friend whether that change included C/Sing time, w/c and drills on the Solos and OT I-III materials ; none of that was clear enough. Jonathan called that change from O-IV training to the Solo to OT III package a "deal" , when it was obviously not.

In the first place, the M-1 to class IV training package was charged by Jonathan for $5,000 USD total. The Solo to OT III package is currently charged at a well known academy of the Field , incredible close to where my friend was staying at , at $4,700 UDS ; $300 less than Jonathan's "deal" price. Jonathan's wife wasn't already a terminal to take into account to help my non-English speaking friend. So what was this "big deal" based at ? The fact is that it was no big deal at all, but only Jonathan's attempt to offer a training cycle he knew quite well was a lot less time consuming than from M-1 to Class IV , and he needed to save both, time and money in his grim financial situation.

Jonathan even got the Solo 1 checksheet and some materials in Spanish too , and got my friend into study those, only to "entice" my friend into agreeing with that change in the program , and to make it appear that some progress was already beginning to occur. All with the clear malicious and criminally out-exchange intention to convince my friend to pay him the full amount to solve his own money problems. Due to this already created "friendship" , and due to my friend well known impulse to help others in need , she decided to pay Jonathan the full amount with the idea to help Jonathan in his grim financial situation , a very gross mistake from my friend.

It was decided then, that Jonathan would start auditing my friend right away using a mechanical translator as help , and with the help of the very little English that my friend had managed to learn. So an auditing program was started under a competent C/S that I had already been in communication with since before this whole cycle was even begun.

As my friend is not auditor trained , she called me from time to time to clear some doubts that she may have on anything. I always referred her to the specific LRH refs , and advice her to always get in touch with the C/S via the examiner, D of P , an origination after session, whatever; about any queries, doubts, or concerns that she might have. I want to make clear that I am the FSM of this public (even though I get no commissions at all) , and therefore have the right to make sure that she is being well serviced , and to keep in touch with her about her progress. Many people in the Field seem to have lost the notion of The FSM and his hat.

At one point she called me and originated to me some concerns she had about the auditing she was receiving from Jonathan Burke. Apparently no exams were being performed after sessions , and there were auditor's Code violations occurring like :

1) Attempting to force a win on a PC , implying directly to the PC that a "win must have occurred because she had f/ned already" ; a gross violation of the Auditor's Code. Not only that, but arguing with the PC when this PC protested against F/Ns.

2) Directing the PC's attention to E-meter needle or TA behavior with comments such as, "Your TA is High" , or "Your TA goes high after 1-2 hrs of session" , or, "You F/Ned" , did you have any win ?" , both evaluations, invalidations , and violations of point #17 of the 1968 Auditor's Code" as well as others LRH refs.

I instructed my friend to make an origination about that at the examiner to which she replied, "there is none, I haven't been getting exams after session". I R-factored her then, to make a note for the C/S. Already VERY concern about the situation , I took the initiative to make a note to the C/S myself.

The PC got an interview about all this by another terminal no his auditor (the usual, "what did the auditor do ?" handling) , and Jonathan got busted and into a very long cramming cycle with one, if not the best, of the best cramming officers of the whole Field.

My friend waited for almost 10 days for Jonathan to Finish his cramming cycle. Jonathan then wrote an email to my friend informing her that , due to some disagreement with the chosen C/S , that he intended to work with another one , and would only continue working with my friend if she agreed to that change. Now, this C/S was chosen by me after a very long search for a Standard competent terminal adhering 100% to LRH writings as C/Sing and auditing Tech is concerned. I verified his credentials with many terminals, and made my decision based on that. Jonathan knew quite well right from the start that the cycle was a go, only if he accepted the C/S mentioned ; only that way, as out-here in the Field the rules of the game are entirely different than in the CofS. Out-here there is a lot of irresponsible squirrelling , many unscrupulous auditors, and general incompetence. That's an undeniable fact in the Indie Field. The good ones are VERY, VERY few indeed ; the sad story of the Field.

So now Jonathan attempted to make others believe (all the terminals involved) that it was due to my "Third Party" actions that he got busted by the C/S in the first time. A total lie, as apparently is Jonathan Burke's normal habits and routines. Not only did the PC's originations about the possible Out-Tech was confirmed in a metered interview, but one of the best cramming officers of the planet confirmed those Out-Tech points as well, and other points as well enough to advice retread and retraining to Jonathan Burke.

The day after Jonathan wrote that email to my friend informing her of his arbitrary decision to work with another C/S , and his threat to her that either she agreed with that or he would not be willing to continue servicing my friend ; Jonathan left the city and state and abandoned this PC , w/out even waiting for a reply from my friend, and leaving her with an incredible BPC , and possible (as exams were not being done) in the middle of an unhandled Reg Tag that, as of today June 9 2015 , STILL remain unhandled.

After Jonathan left , he sent an email to my friend (he didn't even have the courage to talk the matter personally with my friend, face to face) R-factoring her that he would not continue with the cycle as it was "against his moral Code" to do so. Sent a website link of a supposedly Spanish speaking auditor in the Field, and the R-factor that had left a postdated check under my friend's name (of only half the total amount she paid him) so that she could cash it within a period of 3-4 months !!! That "check" never arrived at my friend's hands. She never saw, nor received such check.

Jonathan's email to my friend inferred (which Jonathan's confirmed in later emails) that he thought that he was justified in only refunding 50% of the total amount paid to him with a misguided idea that his "services" to my friend (a total of may be 30 hrs of sessions out of all the hrs that he would have spent on her from Scn DRD up to NED completion) were valued at $8,000 USD , a total lie and criminal out-exchange consideration.

In the written contract between the parts , it clearly indicated, that he would refund the whole amount paid to him if the PC (my friend) wasn't satisfied with his services, which is exactly the case here ; my friend is not only not satisfied, she received gross out-Tech auditing from Jonathan as well , which violates the contract all by itself. But Jonathan now refuses to refund the whole amount (or ANY amount, for that matter) , and doesn't even answer my friend's emails to him asking Jonathan when she can expect the full refund , or even to allow Jonathan a fair payment plan.

A few weeks ago Jonathan wrote to my friend asking him for her physical address to start sending payments to her, inferring that he actually planned to refund the full amount. But she was not clear about his actual intentions. Was he planning to refund just 50% of the money ? What was the proposed payment plan ? None of those questions were answered neither in that email, nor at any future ones even when my friend wrote to him asking to clarify those details in at least 3 additional times within a period of weeks.

My friend wanted that exact details so that a lawyer could be consulted first to analyze all her options as we are talking here about thousands of dollars and not about a petty cash. Besides , my friend didn't know whether or not accepting a payment plan would make it not legal to suit Jonathan for Contract Breaching in a future in case Jonathan failed to comply with such payment plan. But Jonathan used , AGAIN , a motivator, and gave the silly excuse that if was him now that would consult a lawyer about it. Since then, he has not answered any emails from my friend asking him to start setting this matter right already, and pay her her money so that she can then fulfill her dream of becoming Clear with a responsible auditor who abides by LRH's writings.

I assigned Jonathan a lowered condition (Treason) as both an auditor and a Scientologist, by limited publication , sending it only to all the terminals that knew about this cycle. I warned Jonathan that the next ethics gradient per the "Gradients of Ethics and Justice Actions" on page 362 of the 2007 edition of the ITSE book, was , "Assigning a lowered ethics condition by broad publication" which would encompass sending this issue to ALL terminals in the Field.

I gave him 5 days to answer me, or directly to my friend, and at least get to an agreement about the payment plan. If not , this broad published lowered condition would ensue. He failed to answer my emails either in a positive or negative way.

So I am hereby assigning Jonathan Burke the condition of TREASON as both, an auditor and a Scientologists for the reasons of :

1. Abandoning his PC in a middle of incomplete auditing actions.

2. Gross auditing errors in metering and the adherence to the Auditor's Code in relation to evaluation, invalidation , and point #17 ; in spite of honest attempts from a competent cramming officer to correct him ; a correction that Jonathan blew from.

3. Obtaining money from parishioners based on lies and false promises such as that about his wife being a Spanish speaking terminal when she clearly was not, and that she would work with my friend from beginning to end of the whole cycle to help my friend with the language barrier , which never happened.

4. Falsifying worksheets.

5. Gross out-Tech

6. Not delivering what was promised, and refusing to refund all monies paid to him when a grossly bad serviced public demanded such a total refund, and in spite of having clearly established so on Jonathan's own contract with the parishioner.

7. Dishonesty, and criminal out-exchange.

TREASON is defined as :

The Condition of Treason

"Treason is defined as betrayal after trust.

The formula for Treason is very correctly and factually ?Know that you are.?

It will be found, gruesomely enough, that a person who accepts a post or position and then doesn?t function as it, will inevitably upset or destroy some portion of an organization.

By not knowing that he is the __________ (post name), he is committing treason in fact.

The results of this can be found in history. A failure to be what one has the post or position name of will result in a betrayal of the functions and purposes of a group.

Almost all organizational upsets stem from this one fact:

A person in a group who, having accepted a post, does not know that he is a certain assigned or designated beingness is in Treason against the group." LRH HCO PL 14 March 1968.

The name of my friend have been kept confidential as obviously, I need to protect the identity and priest-penitent information of my friend. But should anyone wishes to confirm any on this information as contained in this document , he/she can contact me by private lines using my personal e-mail address which is , either part of the e-mail in which this issue is attached to , or could be obtained from the Blog's administrator in case the interested party is reading this issue as a published document at any blog or website.

The evidence that support all the allegations being made in this document is all in my possession in form of contracts and exchanged e-mails. I'll be happy to provide them to any interested party with the only condition being that all names will be kept confidential to protect the identities of all involved.

Jonathan has renounced his right for Scientology Justice procedures, as he clearly has failed to make any effort to right this matter in spite of any and all previous ethics gradients having been standardly applied, and in spite of several attempts from highly trained terminals in the Field to help him get his own ethics in, and rehabilitate him as an auditor.

So this situation has aready become a LEGAL MATTER which would be handled through the applicable courts of law.

Should Jonathan Burke comes to senses and decides to put his own ethics in by first , establishing a clear way to refund all the monies paid to him by my friend including any expenses by her on lawyers and any needed legal procedure, and secondly by getting a Standard Ethics handlings by a competent Ethics specialist from the Field which include starting his retraining under a competent sup and cramming officer ; this Treason assignment would be lifted, and a general condition upgrade would be broadly published informing of Jonathan's corrections and Ethics changes. Before those 2 points are handled with the proper evidence at hand, this condition will remain in effect, and Jonathan Burke should and can not be trusted as an auditor or any type of Tech terminal.

What is only sought here is proper Justice for all involved including Jonathan, and the rehabilitation of all parties involved. Nothing rekindles the belief in Justice as correct and Standard Justice itself.

I swear under penalty of perjury, that any and all information supplied in this document is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Today Tuesday 9 June 2015.
Peter Torres , aka
Theta Clear

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * * *






* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * *

To : All Scn Field, all Scn related blogs and sites
From : Peter Torres
27 June 2015


Jonathan Burke of The Advanced Org of the Great Plains is hereby placed under a Non-Enturbulation Order per HCOPL 1 July 1965 , "Tech Division/Qual Division Ethics Chits".

In May 9 2015 , Jonathan Burke was assigned a Treason condition as both an auditor and a Scientologists, by broad publication. That document is attached to the emails where this Non-Enturbulation Order is being published , in case any terminals hadn't received it before, and to avoid explaining again all the details of this cycle which are quite well covered in such a Treason condition assignment.

Upon having received the condition assignment, and after a post published at MS2 broadly informing of Jonathan's refusal to refund all the monies paid to him by his grossly bad serviced PC/student (my friend and selectee) , I got an email communication from MS2 R-factoring me that Jonathan had called in to inform that he already had my friend's money, and was only waiting to receive her physical address to send her money in.

I immediately proceeded to get in comm with my friend to inform her that Jonathan wanted her address to send her the money that she had asked Jonathan to refund in full. In subsequent communications with her, she told me that she had written to Jonathan a very simple and short email, basically providing him an address to send the money in, and the clarification of what was the total quantity that Jonathan was expected to send (the total of what she had paid him).

As suspected by me due to my intense training in Ethics/Justice , Jonathan had no intentions whatsoever to refund her the money , but had basically "PRed" MS2 into believing that an actual Ethics change had occurred.

This is a copy paste of the email that Mr Burke sent to my friend in last June 24 2015. I want to make the clarification that I asked my friend to forward that email to me, and that this communication, the previous one regarding the Treason condition assignment, and all and any communications, either verbal, written, or electronic, that I have sent Mr. Jonathan Burke through any of my personal email addresses , and signed either, "Peter" , "Peter Torres" , or just "ThetaClear" , had, ALL OF THEM, been originated, designed, and written only by me w/out no interference, advice, or opinion of whatever nature from my friend (the person affected by Jonathan's out-ethics actions) or from ANY other terminal. I hereby assume FULL responsibility for all my communications as a totally independent legal entity.

Here is Mr. Burke's reply to my friend's email providing Jonathan an address to send her the money . Some details have been erased to protect her identity. Details regarding her name, city of residence, and personal and priest-penitent information are not included for obvious reasons :

"De: "Jonathan Burke" <[email protected]> Fecha: 22/06/2015 15:42 Asunto: Re: About sending the money in. Para: ----------

Ms. _________________

Any information you have received from anyone regarding my willingness to pay back the entire amount of $16,200.00 is erroneous. It in fact contradicts your own acknowledgment and acceptance of my good faith offer via email of $8000 and the iPad used in your training, which I received via email from you in March, 2015 from your [email protected] email account, which is still in our possession.

In light of the tactics being used by your associates, you will be debited $3000 for the erroneous and slanderous emails sent out last week, which were clearly designed as an effort to blackmail and cause harm to myself and our organization. Any further emails, internet posts, videos or other forms of communication engaging in this activity will be assessed the same rate per occurrence. To clarify, any verbal, written, or video derogatory third-party statement from you, your associate Mr. Torres, or your boyfriend Mr. ________________ against me or this organization that we receive from any other party or the internet will be met with the same response.

In addition, there will be a 90-day period starting the 25th of June 2015 to ensure that this activity has ceased before payment begins. Any payment made, will be sent to a U.S. address that it has been proven that you, personally, reside in, not someone else’s address. You will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that you and any/all of your associates will refrain from making further disparaging remarks in this ongoing matter. A verified written apology and retraction of all statements delivered to all parties who received those statements will need to be made by Mr. Torres before payments begin.

Since you refused or ignored all of our efforts to obtain your physical address, we will not be sending payment to _______________. That opportunity has passed.

To note, we have a signed contract with you stating no civil action will be taken without mediation in the State of California. Any civil action taken on your part will be met with a breach of contract suit immediately without reservation.

To repeat: any continued defamation on my organization or person on your part, or by any of your associates will be met with a continued reduction in funds owed.

Any further inquires can be sent to:

Shannon N. Mandel Esq. of

Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly 4851 Jimmy Carter Boulevard Norcross, Georgia 30093


Sincerely, Jonathan Burke" (End of Mr. Burke's email)

To clarify a few things here ; my friend and jonathan's former PC/student , has not participated in any way, shape or form in any of my actions in my efforts to apply Scientology Justice to Mr. Burke. What she only has done (after carefully examining all her emails to Mr. Burke) is to demand the full refund of her money to which she is not only morally and ethically entitled, but also legally entitled as :

A. It was clearly established in the contract between the parts (which I have a copy of) , that Jonathan Burke would refund all monies paid to him if his client (my friend) were not satisfied with the services delivered to her, something which my friend has made very clear to Mr. Burke : that she is 100% not satisfied with his services.

B. Not only that, but Mr. Burke failed to fulfill his contract's obligations by abandoning his PC and by using false statements and promises to entice my friend to accept his services. See the Treason condition assignment document for full details.

All the communications from my friend to Jonathan always have been in the direction to demand the full refund of her money, and to even provide for the solution of a just and reasonable payment plan, to which Jonathan has totally refused to even discuss.

Mr Jonathan's statements concerning my friend's alleged refusal to provide him with her physical address to send the money in, is false, malicious, and only intented to suppress ,cover up his crimes, and Black PR to confuse others and escape discipline. My friend asked Jonathan in several occasions to send her the written proposed payment plan so that she can discuss it first with her lawyers so make sure about the legality of it, and to make sure that accepting such a payment plan would not put her in the delicate position to lose her right to suit Mr Burke for Contract Breach and Fraud.

That position has been explained to Mr. Burke in several ocassions by my friend in various emails all of which have never been answered by Mr. Burke excepting the last one where a valid USA address was provided by my friend to which Mr. is objecting based on no known USA law , and merely an effort to Q&A with the cycle and escape his moral , ethical , and civil reponsibilities.

This author of this Non-Enturbulation Order, namely Peter Torres aka "Theta Clear" , is totally responsible for this document and any previous ones regarding this cycle.

Mr. Burke is obviously using slanderous, malicious, and suppressive tactics in an irresponsible effort to fail to assume his moral , ethical, legal, and civil duty to refund all monies paid to him for undelivered services, and services delivered (the very few hours the he did delivered) in a clear Breach of the original contract by using false promises to close the Reg cycle , and by using on my friend totally alter-issed Scientology Tech which resulted in severe spiritual distress for my friend, and a heavy loss of time and money.

The previous Treason Condition assignment not only didn't result in any Ethics change in Mr. Burke, but he is heavily protesting against it and targeting the wrong terminals about it. On his HCOB "The Criminal Mind" LRH says, "The criminal accuse others of what he is doing himself".

For all the above reasons, and for the obvious refusal of Mr. Burke to right this matter already , and assume responsibility for his obvious malicious and criminal actions, Jonathan Burke is hereby placed under a Non-Enturbulation Order per HCOPL 1 July 1965 , "Tech Division/Qual Division Ethics Chits".

Any additional instance of any enturbulation from Mr. Burke towards my person, my friend, or any other terminals involved in any way in this cycle , will result in an immediate Suppressive Declare for Mr. Jonathan Burke.

Jonathan has 7 days after the publication of this Ethics Order to communicate directly with the affected person (my friend and selectee, and Mr. Burke's former PC) , and agree to pay her the FULL amount that she paid him for services not delivered , with a written proposed payment plan. After the 7 days period is over, and if Mr. Burke has failed to do as ordered , an immediate Suppressive Declare will be issued against Mr. Burke.

This will be the last Ethics gradient before a Suppressive Declare Order is issued as all other applied gradients have resulted in a no-ethics change in Mr. Burke. The event happened almost 4 months ago , and Jonathan Burke has made no efforts whatsoever to right this matter.

I , Peter Torres aka Thetaclear , swear under penalty of perjury that everything and anything included in this Ethics Order is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Best Regards,
Peter Torres

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * * *


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Gold Meritorious Patron
"There is agreement by the group that LRH's technical bulletins, lectures, books, basic policies and ethics tech work ,and should be followed."

Ah, well there is the source of the problem.

This is the LRH who said the tech could make Clears and OTs yet it never did.

This is the LRH who said all illness was caused by PTSness and could be handled with the tech yet he himself was chronically ill for most of his life and took medicines to deal with it.

This is the LRH who told everyone else to be ethical while he lied and cheated his way through life and died a sad and lonely death while chasing BT's.

Boy I'm glad I'm no longer involved in this insanity.
I feel for these people what with not being able to yet let go of the mindfuck that is Hubbard's trash but damn they sure do seem to have a lot of time on their hands to fight the dreaded "entheta" and "enturbulation." :melodramatic:


Gold Meritorious Patron
More evidence of the circle jerk that is the freezone and anything to do with the Blech


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Independent Scientology Treason Condition Assignment and Non-Enturbulation Order.

( snipped for brevity )

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * * *


I could barely get through all that ridiculous baloney... most will not even read it; it's too long!!

In the future, please consider taking these long scribes you want to post and make them into a blog article you can post a link to in a thread, rather than posting the whole thing on the forum. Use the Blog function for your profile. Then just link to it. Thank you.


These silly people do so like to fight and make each other wrong . . . it's all so silly and destructive.

This bullshit of "pay up front" is the same crap the Cof$ pulls.

Anyone who falls for that is asking for trouble.

My view is the only ethical way to protect the client is to offer the service on a pay on invoice upon successful conclusion . . . it client unsatisfied then he either does not pay (and never returns . . . as in denied further service) or the practitioner handles the scene so the client wins.

We see too much of his drama of folks paying up front, failing to get either any or proper or full service or otherwise service that they feel was right and proper . . . and then having the aggravation of argument over partial or full refund!!

How bloody stupid.



Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

All you people can joke and degrade all you want but if you had bothered to read even the first sentence of the Non-Enturbulation Order, you would have knowingness that this is not some kind of joke.


I'll admit, I didn't worry about it at first--but then I spotted the word "hereby" and realized that this is a very serious legal matter, nothing to fooled around with.

I truly hope that Jonathan Burke of the Advanced Org of the Great Plains comes to his senses before it is too late and his eternity is lost.

Personal message: Jonathan, please handle this situation asap! Those Great Plains OTs are nobody to fool around with!


Squirrel Extraordinaire
I have no idea what "The Advanced Org of the Great Plains" is. The name conjures up images of AOs that one might be familiar with, like AOLA or Saint Hill in the UK. I'm guessing that it's this Burke [English rhyming-slang joke] in his front room with some stuff downloaded off the internet, but I could be wrong.



OP: these are NOT the correct lines to discuss this. Nor can you go rogue and post on the internet that you declare someone of an Ethics violation. You may submit a KR to the Org, and then report yourself to Ethics at the Org in Great Plains. If you continue, or fail to go through the proper lines, you will be declared, and all of your Certs and Awards cancelled.


Declared SP
Gawd. Scientologists are so melodramatic. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that shit anymore. Declare this, hereby that, cancel this, report that. Forthwith and as such thereby.

Add this to the list of "reasons to stay the fuck away from Scientology in all forms".

George Layton

Silver Meritorious Patron
I have no idea what "The Advanced Org of the Great Plains" is. The name conjures up images of AOs that one might be familiar with, like AOLA or Saint Hill in the UK. I'm guessing that it's this Burke [English rhyming-slang joke] in his front room with some stuff downloaded off the internet, but I could be wrong.

it's scientology

George Layton

Silver Meritorious Patron
These silly people do so like to fight and make each other wrong . . . it's all so silly and destructive.

This bullshit of "pay up front" is the same crap the Cof$ pulls.

Anyone who falls for that is asking for trouble.

My view is the only ethical way to protect the Mind mucked client is to offer the service on a pay on invoice upon successful Delusion . . . it client unsatisfied then he either does not pay (and never returns . . . as in denied further service) or the practitioner handles the scene so the client delves deeper into the delusion.

We see too much of his drama of folks paying up front, failing to get either any or proper or full mind muck or otherwise mind muck that they feel was right and proper . . . and then having the aggravation of argument over partial or full refund!!

I'm bloody intelligent.




Gold Meritorious Patron
Jonathan Burke was ejected from the cult of Scientology as a Type III or someone with the potential of going Type III (mental breakdown)

So when I exited the cherch I was stunned to see he was now the owner and author of an "Advanced Org"

He was a lower level pc, and now selling Advanced org services ?


@IndieScieNews on Twitter
I have no idea what "The Advanced Org of the Great Plains" is. The name conjures up images of AOs that one might be familiar with, like AOLA or Saint Hill in the UK. I'm guessing that it's this Burke [English rhyming-slang joke] in his front room with some stuff downloaded off the internet, but I could be wrong.

Advance Org of the Great Plains Facebook Page


Advance Org of the Great Plains Vimeo Page

(The Vimeo page is interesting.)


I don't know if the following is related to the OP, but it appears
Jonathan Burke of the Advance Of the Great Plains has discovered OUT-TECH.

* * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *


Advanced Org. of the Great Plains
The Advanced Organization of the Great Plains

The Case of the Phantom C/S

In the last couple months we have become aware of an ongoing concerning circumstance in the "outside the COS" field. Actually, two concerning things.

It has come to our attention that a case Supervisor who is still "Under the Radar" has been allowed to become a Senior Case Supervisor for field C/Ss and has been supervising using "standards", if you can use that word, more like out-tech, that are being used in the COS as well both on NOTS cases and below Clear in the field to Independent Scientologists.

These junior Case Sups. have adopted this C/S as an Opinion Leader in their tech. Obviously, we cannot go into the details on the NOTS aspects but rest assured the technical directions that are being espoused are not LRH NOTS actions and could greatly lengthen a Pre-OT's time on OT V through VII and even stall them or worse. As for the lower bridge actions, we know even less, to be fair, but this is occurring in present time.

However this has all been very hush and needs to be known by the public at large. We do know that the contagion that began in California has moved on from there to other places as time has gone on. This C/S doesn't want their identity known and it definitely smacks of an OSA operation to us to harm the independent field. You be the judge, that is only our opinion, to note.

What's worse? Is that other C/S'es (not all, but some) who have known about this for some time have adopted a "So what? Let them get messed up and I'll fix them." attitude and view it as an opportunity to make money off of others misfortune, those who were unaware of the C/S'ing, and are now needing repairs from this out tech.

Yep, you read that right. This isn't a scare tactic, but done from a point of KRC.

What can you do?

Do your due diligence and really look into who and what you're dealing with as far as your case supervisor, their tech. and ethical standards.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or a C/S you really know has the correct tech., for more information as you do your upper levels or any auditing, free of charge.

At a minimum, do your due diligence, your future hangs in the balance as an OT.

Jonathan Burke

June 14 · Edited

* * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *


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