Indie Scientologist Facebook Group Guidelines

Claire Swazey

Spokeshole, fence sitter
Bit of a thread meander but I just gotta say--

there's nothing like friends. And thing about us is we're all so ornery and eccentric...

It's pretty cool.


Ordinary Human
All joking aside, my comments are about those who self-identify as opinion leaders, spokespersons, or those who are generally known as people who like to 'explain' what Non-Cof$ Scientology is all about.

(Please note that I do not include Mrs Gertrude Winkler of New Jersey, in any of these categories, nor will I answer any questions about her.)

My point is about the two-faced people who with one face, assure their customers that they provide KSW Scientology with nothing added or removed, whilst at the same time assuring other people that they've taken all the bad stuff out.

So which is it - in or out?

Even this Freezone training film is unclear on this topic.




Getting back on point, the reality is that those "rules" are pretty freakin' scary. I suppose I like to talk about the concepts more than the people but damn it, some people make that very difficult!

If you're going to lay out a list of demands on a public blog, get ready for some shit to fly. Certain people simply cannot see how weird they sound and appear. I cannot over state how happy I am NOT to have to listen to or abide by any of that crap anymore. What a nightmare. It is so hard for me to fathom why people wish to subject themselves to that when they finally made it OUT.

These are the people, should Miscavige be ousted, who would march right back in there and start it up all over again. For god's sake! Some people clearly need to join the military. :duh:

While writing this militant manifesto, does it even cross this person's mind that she sounds like a despot? Is there no cognitive dissonance there -- that freedom and despotism are polar opposites? Good lord.

Claire Swazey

Spokeshole, fence sitter
I would have zero confidence in a new CofS with different leadership. Too many problems with underlying tech and pol.