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Xenophon is calling for a "judicial inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission".

Here is the link to the table of provisions of the Royal Commission Act: - if you wish to know more about any of the provisions as listed below you can click on the relevant individual links.

OSA might need to M9 the whole Act, lol :p



1. Short title [see Note 1]
1A. Power to issue Royal Commission
1B. Definitions
1C. Application of the Criminal Code
2. Power to summon witnesses and take evidence
3. Failure of witnesses to attend or produce documents
4. Search warrants
5. Application by telephone for search warrants
6. Penalty for refusing to be sworn or to give evidence
6AA. Legal professional privilege
6AB. Offences relating to claims for legal professional privilege
6A. Self incrimination
6B. Arrest of witness failing to appear
6C. Acts or omissions on different days to constitute separate offences
6D. Rights of witness
6DD. Statements made by witness not admissible in evidence against the witness
6F. Power of Commission in relation to documents and other things
6FA. Examination of witnesses by counsel etc.
6G. Witness to be paid expenses
6H. False or misleading evidence
6I. Bribery of witness
6J. Fraud on witness
6K. Destroying documents or other things
6L. Preventing witness from attending
6M. Injury to witness
6N. Dismissal by employers of witness
6O. Contempt of Royal Commission
6P. Commission may communicate information
7. Protection to Commissioners etc.
7AA. Commission may have concurrent functions and powers under State laws
7A. Effect of Royal Commissioner having authority to inquire under foreign law
7B. Commission may take evidence outside Australia
7C. Statements made by witness not admissible in evidence against the witness
7D. Certain evidence before a State Commission inadmissible in Commonwealth proceedings
8. Allowances to witnesses
9. Custody and use of records of Royal Commission
10. Institution of proceedings in respect of other offences
15. Costs
16. Evidence of issue of Commission etc.
17. Regulations
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