Info Request from Nathan Baca


Nathan Baca, reporter for KESQ in Riverside County has posted this information request on WhyWeProtest.Net.

If you have information that can assist him, please consider contacting him, or posting in the WWP thread or here.

You can also try to contact him directly & privately at his newstation.
His e-mail address: [email protected]
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Nathan Baca said:
My name is Nathan Baca,

I am the KESQ-TV Reporter doing the investigative series "Scientology vs. Anonymous." I have decided to post on this message board for the following reasons.

1. There are specific investigative materials I am in need of for future segments. I believe that this message board may be among the best places to find confidential information that will help in my pieces.
I wish to find the most high quality version of the "LRH 2009 birthday video" that I am currently watching on my computer for use in a future segment.
I also need to get a hold of anybody has has spent time at the "WHQ" in La Quinta, CA during the 1970's. There are some breaking developments regarding the opening of a Scientology museum in my area of the desert.

2. After reading this board for the past weeks; there have been some questions and misunderstandings regarding the journalism process we are doing here at KESQ that I wish to be able to answer in every way I can.

3. As I am a reporter for a commercial television station, I also wish to drive more users to our website at for our stories and message boards.

I am aware that there may be some suspicion as to whether this truly is me, Nathan Baca. To establish my identity as truthful, I ask you to have either "AO," "AGP," or any other SoCal "Anon" to call me and ask if I am the one posting this message. They are my current local contacts.

I have received hundreds of emails from this community regarding my stories. I have received 2 emails from the Scientology community. I have received dozens from the former Scientology community. While I cannot respond to every one; I will attempt to answer any questions as best I can in public forums to cut down on the amount of repetition. I have been invited to this board by multiple members of it. If I receive an invitation to post in a board run by Scientologists, I will do so. As far as I have determined, no such board exists. I am still learning the mechanics of this message board, so allow me some time to respond.

So, ask away... or send me whatever information you can about the LRH Birthday video or WHQ. My email address is already well known among this message board.

-Nathan Baca

[Moderator's note: The user has signed up with and confirmed Nathan Baca's email address at KESQ
- ARC]

Also, if you know of anyone who was at "WHQ" in La Quinta, CA during the 1970's, please contact them & let them know about Nathan Baca's search & how to contact him.


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Just spoke to Nathan Baca

I just called him to confirm that it was indeed his message posted on WWP. I called him just now, Friday April 17, 7:10 PM, PST.

I can see he's up on the anonymous process, the risk of trolls, etc.

Please help him with his request for high res videos (fed ex it to him if you have it). I personally know nothing about La Quinta, etc.

Thanks and feed the BEAST !