Interesting Scientology Hiring Story.


Came across this video. Its about 1 1/2 years old. At first I thought it was based in LA....but it is actually based in Florida.

Girl gets a "job" interview....and what happens. Last part is interesting in being asked to stare at a computer training.... ( her friend...)



It would be interesting to find out what magazine this job offer was for.

Doesn't seem like it would have been a scientology magazine....but some other venture.


Its interesting....there are quite a few videos like this one on YouTube...

I guess there are lots of Cult Members around the Clearwater area.....that have small businesses. How would one know that they were affiliated with Scientology....unless one started work there....and then found out? ( for a never in ) Of course for an ex....I guess one would find out pretty fast.


Oh, a wise guy,eh?
OMG! I could only stand a minute of girl chatter before I gave up.



Yea, I too had to make my way thru all that....

But, this done by a young woman, a recent College Grad....and being offered to Interview for the position of Marketing Director of a Magazine.

It is interesting to hear her expectations building up...and then finding out this "Company" is being run out of a house...

Then down to the "Job" offer....of $10 per hour. ( for the position of Marketing Director of a Magazine...)

What she describes is all so "scientology..." it is funny. ( and sad...)

She didn't fall for many of us did...and spend years continuing to fall for many of us did.

It makes me wonder how many "Scientology" run Companies are in the ClearWater area....that might be more of the same...chewing thru people that just want to get a job and make some money...but really want to get them onboard and into the Cult...


Idiot Bastardson
My guess is most of those robotic office workers who ignored her during the interview were lured in the same way as she narrowly avoided. They just couldn't cut it as 'Director' with a capital 'D' at the huge 'salary' of $10 dollars per-hour-wage so were demoted to sales and put on strict commission at 2% - 3% selling overpriced advertising space and ad copy in that mysterious and wonderful mystery sandwich "Magazine" with a capitol 'M' but no name. The rest of those robotic office workers who ignored her were likely staff clams with a financial PTP.