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Interesting Theory; Do Not Kill


Please read the Do Not Kill list started in this forum.

Not even short of a month ago we witnessed the world over protest the Church of Scientology. In Dallas, we had around 5-7 people who were very respected members of Anonymous. People who had shown their worth even beyond Project Chanology. People within Anonymous are used to being harassed to an extent. Sometimes, people will get banned, someone will get trolled a little too hard, etc... and they will act upon that anger. However, the events that unfolded were very strange and reading that post really made me think about it. I was what Anonymous refers to as a SocialFag (sorry if I offend anyone, that's the terminology) socialfags are basically PR people. Someone who has an extensive understanding of a topic and is able to talk to people, or in this case the media. Sometimes you'll hear us referred to as socials. (If you don't know much about Anonymous, we all have our own talents - mine is communications) Anyway, two peoples cars were visible at the protests - that was mine and we'll call the other guy Charles. Since I was a Social I would get in front of cameras about every 5-10 minutes. The media in Dallas loved us, mainly because when else in the last 15 years have you seen a large group of young and old people gather all around the world? Either way, of us Charles was the only one to recieve an actual threat. It was a pretty serious threat, pictures were taken and enough information about him was in the communication he recieved to scare the utter shit out of him. Obviously these people knew more than we thought. Charles has since disappeared - gone into hiding rather with his family.

My Theory: I was in the media and therefore more readily identifiable to everyone, so I would pose a huge risk in being eliminated. Chuck however, was only known amongst Anonymous and would be much easier to silence.

My question to you is has anyone else you know shared the same fate?


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Scn scared thousands of people. Heroes emerged to fight the dragon. The lizard is not as scary as it once was. Strength in numbers.


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One consistent thing about bullies and thugs; they usually turn out to be a bunch of craven cowards as well.:omg:

All these people are up to is intimidation. They want you to pull your personal space back, they want to shift you from being at cause, over to being at effect. Remember, if a person is waving their fist in your face, or taking photos of you etc, they have not actually harmed you. They just want to get you to "turn inwards".:melodramatic:

Another point is something Hubbard brought up. How do you defeat a big enemy? What you do is get all the little groups to link hands and stand up. All of a sudden you have a group bigger than the enemy.:happydance:

What is driving the Scn cult crazy is that they cannot identify who they are up against. It is like fighting smoke. This is the beauty of Anon. The cult cannot get a grip on it.:clap:

Keep strong, keep faith and watch the evil cult unravel.:thumbsup: