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International Event: Boston May 29-31 RSVP THREAD


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Okay folks, here's the deal

Boston Megaraid will be May 29, 30 & 31, 2010. We will have fun stuff planned for every day.

  • Saturday: Picket the Org and fooling around in a park
  • Sunday: Anonyweddin, Ex-Sci speeches and book signings
  • Monday: Epic Memorial Day picnic in Boston Harbor

All events and locations are subject to our getting permits, of course.

Please RSVP in this thread if you are planning on attending and let us know which days you will attend. The event on Monday in particular we will need an accurate headcount on. Also, let us know if you're willing to act as a guest speaker for Sunday.


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>:3 Gotta finish loadin' up my car with anons. I may want to do touristy stuff too (OH HAI COOL AQUARIUM) and I dunno how long we'll all be staying but I promise, I will have hugs for each and every ex who comes!

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It has come to my attention that there are several people or more who are going to go to the mega raid - people with whom I've exchanged posts, PMs, etc.

Please be advised that you are on notice. You all have at least one (if not several) big squishy bear hugs to collect from a certain crazy blonde fluffy person.

Please do not fail to collect them.


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I already RSVP'd on an earlier thread, but yes--going. Not sure about Monday, but Saturday and Sunday are highly likely.

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Seattle's not bad. Kinda rainy, though, but warmer than Boston (which isn't far from where I'm originally from) in the winter... But yeah, not as balmy as LA.