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Sam, hopefully they have given up on the idea of trying to collect this stupid false debt, but if you ever get on the phone again with a wannabe debt collector from the Co$, you could just politely explain that your next payment is not due until the 2980s. You could also say that you wouldn't mind if they sent you a reminder notice in about 970 years so you could be sure to fit that second payment into your budget. Then thank them for their time and hang up. :lol:


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You can try it, but I don't trust those Google translations too much. Those I have seen look rather odd. But they might give a general idea.

For freebies they are great. Of course they aren't spot-on and sometimes are hilarious, but they are a vast improvement on any practical alternative I have available.



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And now the Data Protection authorities should jump on the CoS for keeping your information for too long!

Congrats, Per-Olof. This is a great win.
In the Expressen article there was a promise from the CofS to remove me from their mailing list. Yet I got something from the CofS in Copenhagen in my mail. Nothing threatening, just a common stupid promotion piece.