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I started as a book-buyer, came on-staff in Boston Day, occupied Crs Admin post, and was quickly transferred to HCO Expeditor. At the time of my purif, I was posted as an expeditor to HCO, but assigned by HCO to a task force called the "audits task force", under the direction of David Aden (OSA PR) and his boss, Toni Chrambanis (DSA, OSA). My title there was ATF Income I-C, and I worked on the fourth floor adjacent to OSA and the Executive Director's office, executive Council room/staff meeting room. I was there until they shipped me off to CLO EUS to study the OEC course. To my dismay, they brought me back because my post was crashed by Nan Goodwin about two weeks into my training, so I had to fix it. Did so, then got packed up with David Aden to work in the Continental effort to finish preparing the balance sheets for all EUS orgs and missions, headquartered in NYC org building on the seventh floor, where I stayed until January, 1990. We finished, and I came back to BsnDay as Deputy Director of Disbursments. There I ran into trouble, as I tried to put Treasury into compliance with policy while meeting Birthday Game targets. I kept getting in ethics trouble for being critical, doubtful, etc., and spent a lot of time in lower conditions, not receiving pay. The final straw was when Nitza got pregnant. I knew I needed to start making real money to support a child, and became very focused on improving my post, and making sure everyone was fully hatted on post to improve pay-per-unit. This led to a lot of strife with the Staff Section Officer, HCO, and individual staff who were not reporting for enhancement. Finally, I flipped: had to leave to stop the crazy and start making a living. Decided the only way to do this that was fair to my kids was to quit and be Public. Was warned that if I quit and walked out without routing out, I would be declared suppressive. I told Mitra Hall (later Ghobadi) to fuck herself, and walked out. Nitza ultimately came with me, at that point, and I joined the Army to pay the bills and bootstrap the family through the GI Bill. Worked. I was Declared, though, and Nitza ultimately split with me and took the kids over it in 1995, though we weren't divorced until 1997. By 1998, she had stopped allowing required visitation, and then moved outside a radius I could follow her (and outside the provisionsof our divorce agreement). Then, she moved around the country without informingme where she was going with my children. If my son hadn't won the International Math Olympiad's gold medal, I doubt I'd ever have found and reunited with him.

That's my story. :). What's yours?


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I started the HAS Course in London in August 1972. This was when it was almost a Hard TRs course. After 2-3 weeks full-time, when I was half-way through, I went to Saint Hill for a recruit interview for the Sea Org. I signed up and moved in that same day.

My Scn history is summarized here, which saves me writing it out again.

Oh, that page looks like I'm still a freezoner. I'm not. Must update it sometime. :)


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Great idea, Uniquemand!

I did my first comm course in Sydney in 1974 and shortly afterwards was recruited into the SO in ANZO. For several years I worked at Sydney D during the day and the FOLO in the evenings and weekends. I was miserable for years because I couldn't reconcile the squalid conditions with the ideals held up by Hubbard in his tech and policy documents. I seemed to spend my whole time in a lower condition either because my stats were down on one of my two posts or because I wanted to leave. I never did figure out why they just didn't let me leave if I was constantly in trouble. But eventually in about 1978 someone changed the definition of my main stat and suddenly I was an upstat for a change. I went to Fag and worked as Port Captain for about 10 minutes and then was dragged off into the new Int Exec Structure under Bill Franks. In the training period I did a project in the Hubbard archives and discovered the extent of Hubbard's megalomania through reading the Messianic Project material and it creeped me out to think that he wanted to be positioned as Buddha and Jesus Christ. I had my share of the madness of being at Flag in the SO, though it wasn't as bad as what came after I left. I did missions all over and made many close friends, and I still miss them. After the Mission Holder Conference, Bill Franks left and we lost a good 'un. I was reposted to another Int Strata job under Kerry Gleeson then got RPF'd for three months. I was reprieved and sent to PAC to start up the first Central Marketing Unit and then got RPF'd again, mid 1982. Within a week or two I was taken to Int where I found myself in the middle of a comm ev along with 16-17 others for two pages of crimes and high crimes and conspiracy. I'd met some of my so-called con-conspirators but had never encountered the others. Spent three months at Int and Happy Valley being put through hard labour, woken up at 4am to be harangued by DM, Steve Marlowe and Marc Yaeger and others including the Scn lawyers, threatened with jail if I didn't 'fess up to crimes I could not possibly have committed (I'd been in the RPF for most of the year). I never did run round the pole but was endlessly told I was the "who" of anzo and had crashed the international stats. Nice to know I was so powerful. I managed to leave thanks to a mate who had no reason to help me but did anyway, and my family who paid for an airfare at a momen't notice. I got back to Australia in late 1982 and have built a good life here. I kept my scientololgy background a secret to all except my closest friends, but after hearing of the horrible, painful death of an ex-lover and dear friend in 2009 in the SO, that's no longer the case. I've had decades to think about scientology and IMO, none of it can be trusted regardless of whether bits of it work or not.

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My dad got into Scn when I was a kid. He was at a small mission. He started using Scn jargon every now and again around the house, but, as both my parents were well educated and spoke several languages, he didn't confine himself to just Scn'ese. Still, though, I noticed.

When I was in high school, several years later, sr year, I had a bunch of term papers due at the same time. I was uber nervous and stressed. Dad said if I did the comm course, it would help me. So I came into the mission and did it. I really liked it.

I was 17, though, and Mom didn't like Scn. Now, she didn't know I was doing the course- I kind of snuck around. So I decided that I would not do this anymore. I did not like lying. So I waited til I was 18 to do my next course.

I continued on and got really heavily deep into Scn. I set up my job schedules around it. The missionholder treated me like another daughter, getting me to trust her. In retrospect, I think she did like me just fine but being a CofS member, she was mainly out for herself.

I started to volunteer at the mission. I was reliable, I was there every night, I did whatever I was asked to do. I was so focused on it, that the head trips and sexually inappropriate comments barely registered. They became more noticeable later on, though. The mission holder asked me to sign a contract. I did not want to. I liked being volunteer. She told me I was in trouble and that she needed to cover my ass because of a letter that was sent by a santimonious moron named Susan Laier. I saw the letter, it basically accused everyone in the mission, staff and public of something. Much of what she said was true, but it was very negative and there was nothing good to say about the mission.

So what did Susan say about me? That I was living with a "druggie". And, actually, then, I was living with a boy who was into a lot of that stuff, though, truly, it was his alcohol abuse that made him much weirder than the speed, pot and acid that he so often used. So that was in there. That's all she could find to dig up. But the mission holder used it. So I was kind of forced into it, in a way, I guess.

The mission used to be on a main drag in a commercial area very near downtown but had since moved back to the missionholder's gorgeous and capacious home which was waaaay off the beaten track. So every time any money came in, she'd be all like, "oh, the mission owes me back rent" and take it. I earned 5.00 the entire time I was there and I was on staff over two years, in addition to the volunteer time. (during which time I went away to the "higher org" for training and started on the staff statuses, though I did not complete the latter til long after I'd left that mission.)

So I was at that mission every day. I went there from work with the missionholder's daughter who worked across the street from me. Then I'd get home like 11 pm from the mission each night and I was there all day Saturday and Sunday.

I ended up leaving the "druggie" boyfriend and getting engaged to and ultimately marrying John who was also a mission staff member. I sold him his first book. Now, he didn't have to be coerced into joining staff. He was truly electrified by the promise of Scn and Dn tech and wanted to make a difference in the world. He thought the mission holder was as OT as she claimed to be and that she really had something there.

Meanwhile, the mission holder would go into more and more rages and tantrums. These were represented as being proof of her OTness or something. She started to break every promise she'd made to me and when I talked to her about it, she said "you didn't get it in writing".

I ended up in a bizarre "cycle" where I was sexually harassed. I went to the mission management for help, explaining that I did not quite know which policies or which ethics steps to refer to and that I was looking to them for help. So as a consequence, I was put in a condition of Liability.

John went to visit that other guy. John was carrying a knife when he left. John was extremely alarmed when he found out that I was so freaked out I could barely talk. Anyone here who's actually MET me or has talked to me on the phone will know that this is an extremely rare thing and probably a bad sign! However, John let the guy live, they talked it over and he pretty much knocked it off. However, the Mission then had it in for me for making waves, hence the condition of Liability which is, of course, what you always do to people who are asking for help.

I used my vacation time to do the purif there and the remnant of the time I needed to "EP" it was done during staff time. I mention this because at one point, John and I and another staff member were taking a break. There were no public there that night or maybe one or two who happened to be friends of ours. So we were all watching tv for 15 minutes. The missionholder, husband and daughter (who was the DED0 were on their purif. The missionholder came up in her swimsuit and towel and just lost her shit that we were taking a break. Mention was made of my finishing the purif on their time. No mention of my vacation time being donated or my husband's (along with other young men at that mission) donation of his labor in painting her -very large and valuable- home and building a professional grade sauna in her basement.

They also started telling us we staff could not take breaks- on such occasions as we were allowed to- with public. Since I was only at the mission, or at the office or in bed asleep, this was very upsetting. The friends I made in Scn were the only ones I ever saw and now I was being told I couldn't see some of them.

We went home later and started talking about ditching the mission. We decided they were ungrateful and that we'd tender our resignations. I was also displeased because I'd been told that since, at the time, I'd not done all the staff statuses yet, that my contract HAD NOT EVEN STARTED. We did resign, but there was a metric crap ton of resistance and tantrums and coercion attempts and we got expelled for it.

They sent people from DC to handle us. One of them was expelled a year later .

One of the things that lady did do was to send my husband away for some auditing. He was very excited and we didn't have to pay anything. She thought that was part of the problem, was that he needed that next step. (I, however, she viewed as a troublemaker. Heh!) So that was cool except that they had him go suddenly and in the crush, his work was not notified. So I had to explain to his screaming boss why J wasn't there. I was freaked and scared so I called up a friend of mine (a church friend) who was incredibly imaginative. She said to tell them that my husband's mom had a psychotic break and there was no time to tell anybody. So I did and I saved J's job.

The next day I was telling people what I did and the mission holder's husband loftily said "that's not ok". To which I said "Well, you weren't there, now were you!"

Probably a couple or so weeks later is when we finally left, then a couple months after that, the expulsion.

But, thing is, I was so sheltered then. I truly thought that just that mission was messed up. I thought the rest of the church was just fine!! So I moved heaven and earth to get back in.

The missionholder had once told me about getting expulsions overturned instead of doing A to E. She said it takes years. So I decided to do that since A to E did not apply since the expulsion was not just. She heard about it and sent messages through a couple people I knew that I shouldn't do it, that it wouldn't work out. I sent messages back saying "suppose you let me worry about that.'

So I got it overturned then started doing services again. Yadda yadda, fast forward to when I post on the 'net and get expelled for so doing.

I know these weren't good experiences to have, but there were a few good ones mixed in and also, my involvement in Scn brought me two things:

some other philosophical ideas


a lot of good friends I now have in the critic's scene.