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Welcome, robert.

It's amazing that the cost of your next service is always exactly the amount of money you just received. Just amazing. :coolwink:


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Robert, Welcome to ESMB!:welcome:

Sounds like you would be full of great stories. :D
We love stories here. :drama:

That is very sad about that girl.
As others said, she probably was sold a training package.
When a reg heard she had 20 grand they aren't going to just sell her a $700.00 course but rather will go for the whole amount by selling a package.

Maybe the $20,000.00 went to a Key To Life/Life Orientation course package, with materials and a lifetime IAS in the mix to come to the total amount.

KTL - English grammer for dummies. (lots of simpleton pictures in the text for the course. It looks like a child's textbook.):duh:

LOC - Let me see, you find out you want to help clear the planet, right? Or you want to be a rock star, but you want to help clear the planet too, right? Or you want to write a childrens book, but you want to help clear the planet too, right?:thumbsup:



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Hi Robert, thanks for the explanation on the WISE Co. and Hubbard College. I certainly understand the need for not mentioning the company :coolwink:



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Welcome, Robert.

Since when does Student Hat cost $20K?

It doesn't have to Kathy, they just reg you for the $20K anyway now they got your $ and you got the promise of something that will never eventuate.
A while or so later you will realise you've been scammed.

They think that is exchange!


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I had forgotten about the 3-basket method of paper handling, but now that you mention it, I still use the concept to this day. However, I've had to eliminate the "in" basket because people just put stuff on my desk or chair - never in the basket. I've eliminated the "out" basket because I learned to handle each "particle" only once if I can, so when I'm done with something, I put it away immediately, or put it in the "pending" basket to file later. I get LOTS of comments on how clean my desk is, but I also get LOTS of comments on how much work I get done -- plus, I never lose a piece of paper or a file. So I guess I'm using squirrel tech, actually?


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Welcome Robert - nice to have you here.

I ran into some money myself, I am happy to report I did actually get my teeth fixed. (though it was to remove the metal fillings)

That poor girl. :no:


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Congratulations for getting OUT!

:welcome2: Your stories are just way too familar to most of us and are good for other new guys like yourself to read and share.:write:

I'll be waiting to hear more from you:waiting:

Its good to get stuff off you chest also:yes:

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Yeah, I hear ya, Robert, and agree with much of what you've said.

I did the Student Hat twice, once before Golden age of tech (sounds sooo maoist) and once after. The second time was really really long and boring. Unnecessarily so. So very very unnecessary.