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Is 2020 Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Protecting Scientology?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Reports from Newspapers, Blogs, and ' started by Type4_PTS, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I'm not putting this post in the sub-forum on Politics because it's not about her politics. It's about her action (or inaction) as Attorney General of California as concerns Scientology.

    This is a post by Karen De La Carriere on Facebook, written several months ago, I'm copy/pasting here (with her permission):


    Outer Banks policy is no Political posts here because it becomes incendiary and this is not a political forum.
    So bear with me on this post.
    It is NOT political but Scientology info on a candidate considering running for President.

    Kamala Harris, now a US Senator.
    Kamala was Attorney General in California.
    A presentation was done to Kamala on the criminal activities of the cult.
    It was a very thorough, very brilliant, fact laden presentation.
    When, Why, Who, What, Why in complete detail.
    Harris refused to even accept the documentation.
    She made it clear she had no intention of taking on Scientology.
    The presenters were shown the door.
    This was some 9 years ago.
    She would not seek the death penalty for a cop killer and spent gobs of time on THAT
    She caused huge delays in confiscating guns from felons. Lots of time to protect felons, but no time or will to look into Scientology


    Jeffrey Augustine and I had NOTHING to do with this presentation. Documenting absolute criminality within the cult and the sham Board of Directors, the lying to the IRS which could make tax exemption invalid, it was all handed to her on a golden platter.

    Instead she threw the presenters out of her office rudely. She even refused to look at the documentation.

    We got a full debrief soon after the incident happened.

    That is Kamala Harris.
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  2. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

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  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I appreciate everyone's attempts at disclaimers to try and keep this from deteriorating into a political issue. However, Scientology safepoints both the Democrats and Republicans and attempts to co-opt issues on both the left and the right. Sometimes a particular issue favors the proponents on one side or the other. If we were keeping score I'd say this point goes to the right. But the next one may go to the left. That's what it means to reveal Scientology's political motivations.

    I don't see much with a Google search to make any association between Harris and Scientology but it is clear that for her to take up arms against Scientology she would be bringing attention to their and the Democrat Party's affiliation with NOI and I'm pretty sure that that alone would be enough for her to give any anti-Scientology activists the bum's rush.

    This is exactly how "Safepointing" is supposed to work and as Jeffrey points out safepointing appears to be evolving as a central component to the post Aftermath Scientology reality:

    Leah has put the connection between NOI and Scientology front and center on the national stage:

    If Harris has presidential ambitions then the subject of Scientology = Leah Remini, Cult, Disconnection, NOI, the anti-vaccination controversy, antisemitism, reverse racism, etc. all in one convenient package to be used against her and her party in a political campaign. The associations between NOI, Obama and Keith Ellison were big negatives that continue to haunt them. Harris and the Democrat Party may want to provide back channel support for NOI while publicly distancing themselves from it but now that implicitly provides back channel support for Scientology.

    Simpson University biology professor, Dr. Brian Hooker, never imagined he'd find himself on a stage with Robert Kennedy, Jr., a minister for the Nation of Islam, and all of it taking place in a sanctuary of the Church of Scientology Community Center in Los Angeles, CA. Such are the curious alliances that the fight against SB 277, the proposed law which would remove children from public schools based on their vaccination status, has created.
    The Autism Action Network and your humble correspondent are calling upon the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, and US Attorney for the Eastern District of California, Benjamin B. Wagner to launch an investigation of this apparent quid pro quo between pharmaceutical manufacturers and our elected officials in the campaign for SB 277.
  4. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    For sure Scientology is going to safepoint both the Democrats and Republicans, maybe focusing on whichever one happens to be in power at the moment.

    The Clintons have helped the CoS a tremendous amount, but also Travolta had a relationship with President Reagan (and the First Lady.) Nancy Reagan LOVED Travolta, and just during the year I worked at Social Coordination International (which predated ABLE), JT visited them at the White House at least on two occasions, and he was being run by a senior exec at our organization.

    I'm sure they reach out to ALL Presidents and other government officials if they're able to, and they do it using people who already are connected or can easily get connected. Like this:

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  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    At the 16:28 mark of this interview by Ron Miscavige of Karen de la Carriere she talks briefly about what happened when Kamala Harris was offered a 1 inch thick pack of criminal evidence against CoS.